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Date:Mon, 2 Oct 2000 08:26:00 -0700 (PDT)

Woody sent me a note today. In it he mentioned that he has the old roll
book from the fraternity house. He said he took it because the young
fellas had no respect for the past.
This reminded me of an idea I had earlier. I was thinking of the banner
for our tent and thinking of some way of making it clear that it was the
Old Betas tent...and beer. I was thinking of 'Original House Betas',
'Silver/Grey Betas'(...though I've become a silver-gray, my heart keeps
time and measure... with Beta Theta Pi, to find my highest pleasure.
Samuel N Wilson, Hanover '72) or something like that to distinguish our
tent from the active Beta tent.
I'm sure there are any number of clever titles that accomplish the same
thing....keeping a bunch of young beer guzzling freeloading strangers out
of our fricking tent!
That's all.