Enron Mail

Subject:A few quotes for McKinsey's internal NewsNetwork?
Date:Thu, 16 Aug 2001 07:03:18 -0700 (PDT)

Hello, Jeff,

I know you must be quite busy with calls for interviews following your
recent announcement that you were leaving Enron. However, I'm hoping if you
have a moment today, you could provide 2 or 3 quotes about your decision
and where you're heading next for McKinsey & Company's internal news Web
site, NewsNetwork, which has loyal readership across our Firm. Our
upcoming deadline is tomorrow afternoon in time for our Monday, August 20
edition. Given that we covered you once before on NN (see article below)
we believe this article would make for an important and worthy follow up.

I will take the liberty of calling you today to ensure you received this
message. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Warm Regards,

Wylie Goodman
Managing Editor

1. Can you elaborate more on the reason behind your decision to leave
2. What are the most important accomplishments you feel you've achieved
during your tenure as CEO?
3. Do you have any immediate or mid-range plans for yourself personally or
professionally that you can share?

Below is the first NewsNetwork article about your appointment to CEO:

Skilling named CEO at Enron
Dallas alum, longtime President and COO, elected CEO of the $80 billion
energy marketer.

Jeff Skilling (DA 1979-90) joined Enron in 1990, and became COO in 1996.
Under his leadership, Enron expanded its focus from natural gas pipelines
to become the largest gas and power marketer in the United States, as well
as diversifying into risk management and broadband capacity trading.
Kenneth Lay, Chair of Enron's board, told reporters, "Jeff is a big part of
Enron's success, and is clearly ready to lead the company."

Early in his tenure, Skilling helped the company exploit the newly
deregulated natural gas market by developing business models for efficient
trading and risk management. These became the template for the range of
commodity exchanges that now populate Enron's portfolio. McKinsey
contributed as well: Suzanne Nimocks (HO), the Enron co-DCS, says, "We've
worked very closely with Enron and Jeff on launching many of their new
businesses: gas trading, power trading, and pulp and paper."

After 11 years with the Firm, Skilling went to Enron well-versed in
McKinsey culture. According to Suzanne, "Jeff has done a really fine job of
leveraging the strengths of McKinsey and replicating them at Enron. Their
associate analyst program and their personnel review process are modeled on
McKinsey's. He's been able to extract those elements that make McKinsey
special and replicate them in a corporate setting."

Co-DCS Ron Hulme (DA) adds: "For those of us on the CST, it is sometimes
hard to tell whether we are at Enron or back at the office. The great news
is, with Jeff's distinctive leadership, it all works brilliantly."

Enron ranks #18 in the Fortune 500. With revenues topping $60 billion for
the first 9 months of this year, the company is on track to double 1999

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