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Subject:All The Color Of The Season
Date:Tue, 2 Oct 2001 03:49:07 -0700 (PDT)

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[IMAGE]=09 [IMAGE] Dear Jeff Skilling, Now that fall is finally here,=
it is time to showcase the season?s brilliant color. Decorators in the kn=
ow accentuate this changing season with the high-energy hues of gold, burg=
undy, orange and yellow. Calyx & Corolla has taken their cue. We offer a =
divine medley of colorful bouquets, preserved designs and even bulb kits p=
aying tribute to fall. Our Williamsburg Bouquet (shown right) is a stun=
ning assortment of terra cotta colored roses, golden Peruvian lilies, russ=
et hypericum berries and unusual velvety orange coxcomb. It truly recreate=
s the look of the pedigreed blooms found in the historical manor homes of =
Virginia. The exceptional crackle-finish footed urn in which it is displa=
yed is adapted from those in the European market circa 1800. Our sweet =
Rose Spice Wreath brings a concentration of fall color to a small area w=
hile our Golden Harvest Roses proclaim the season in a riotous display. C=
ombining ruffled yellow roses with flaming orange roses it's a wonderful =
choice for any occasion We're pleased to introduce our new Ranunculus Bu=
lb Kit . This sophisticated flower is well known for its dense, round head=
s of distinctive crepe paper-like petals and has been noted by many trend =
watchers for its growing popularity. Our kit is a unique take on these blo=
oms and makes a perfect gift, especially for those with children. We inv=
ite you to visit our Sale page for limited-time offers & our Birthdays p=
age for darling gift-giving ideas. Calyx & Corolla =09[IMAGE]=09
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