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Subject:An American Tradition
Date:Tue, 13 Nov 2001 13:40:18 -0800 (PST)

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[IMAGE]=09 [IMAGE] Dear Jeff Skilling, This year, more than ever, Tha=
nksgiving means family, tradition, and the celebration of this uniquely Am=
erican holiday. Cherished memories and a slice of nostalgia touch the very=
heart of our festivities. For you or a loved one far away, we've assemble=
d a grand Thanksgiving selection sure to speak of these warm, wonderful h=
oliday traditions. Calyx & Corolla creates luxurious style with Thanksgiv=
ing-inspired touches. Couture Cornucopia (shown right) is a true tableto=
p tradition set to be a focal point in the holiday home. Our enchanting mo=
ss-covered cornucopia brims with autumn?s bounty. Nothing is cherished mo=
re than the feast upon the Thanksgiving table. Celebrate your family meal =
with the added beauty of our Harvest Centerpiece . It?s an eye-catching c=
ollection of nuts, leaves, branches and herbs designed to show from every =
angle. If adding ambience to the air is your desire than you?re sure to l=
ove our Harvest Candle Ring , which symbolizes the cycle of the year and t=
he bounty of the fields. The fall flower of the moment, Red Rover Mums ,=
is the emblematic floral choice this holiday. With their dramatic shades =
of rusty red streaked with gold your guests will be impressed by this glow=
ing display. Not to be outshone, our Sienna Roses are a fine considerati=
on for a traditional family gathering. Afterall, the rose is the National =
Floral emblem of the United States of America. At last, our Sale page i=
s now featuring limited-time holiday offerings & our online Specials mak=
e simply spectacular gifts. Calyx & Corolla =09[IMAGE]=09
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