Enron Mail

Subject:Apology for previous e-mail
Date:Wed, 6 Jun 2001 16:09:30 -0700 (PDT)


Sorry for the original e-mail below.

A Portuguese speaker sending e-mails in English where he should not.

He has been terminated (for reasons unrelated to the e-mail) and I consider the issue closed.

If any doubts please do not hesitate to call.


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Brett R Wiggs
06/06/2001 12:17 PM
To: Joe Kishkill/SA/Enron@Enron

Subject: Urgent


Attached is the email from Jorge. We are in the process of terminating Jorge due to performance and relation issues. We are doing this immediately due to the nature of Jorge's job, although we were trying to delay until the replacement was in place. Given recent actions (not the email below), we have decided to move forward with the termination this afternoon.

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Jorge Souza
06/06/2001 10:43 AM
To: Jeff Skilling/Corp/Enron
cc: Brett R Wiggs/SA/Enron@Enron, Miguel Padron/NA/Enron@Enron
Subject: Urgent

Today, l am working into SFE-Office to give the instructions to mr: Thach C Phan, that working into CAA, jointly mr: Jody pierce

l would like to say that mr: Joca is'nt left to developing my Tasks. With Bad Words to my family too. Today.

Mr: This is the person that you left to be my chief.

l woulk like that someone done something . l can't working under this orders.

jorge de souza