Enron Mail

Subject:Autumn Intrigue
Date:Tue, 23 Oct 2001 12:19:28 -0700 (PDT)

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=09=09[IMAGE] =09
[IMAGE]=09 [IMAGE] Dear Jeff Skilling, Selecting the right gift or se=
asonal accent to adorn your home or office is made easy with our original =
bouquets, orchids and preserved designs. Each of these intriguing items ha=
s its own character and ambience and is meant to complement the good life.=
Take our Orchid Blaze Bouquet (shown right) for example. With its fier=
y orange orchids and black matte vase, it makes the perfect seasonal cente=
rpiece. This eye-catching bouquet is easy to arrange too. The Colmanara =
Orchid Plant is quite possibly the most exciting new orchid to be introd=
uced in the last decade. This alluring orchid, nicknamed ?Wildcat? is dili=
gently sought-after for its long lasting blooms. Our Antiqued Holiday W=
reath is a preserved design whose color scheme works with most decors. It=
is available with our brass wreath hanger, making it a breeze to display.=
And don?t forget the ideal autumn birthday gift! The Golden Harvest Rose=
s bouquet is sure to add special meaning to a wonderful occasion. Rememb=
er to visit Autumn Sales where you will find keen gifts like the Autumn =
Jewel Arch at very special prices! Calyx & Corolla =09[IMAGE]=09
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