Enron Mail

Subject:Best Wishes
Date:Wed, 15 Aug 2001 00:49:59 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff - - -
Let me add to my best wishes for you and Rebecca that I conveyed the other night at Vallone's, my sincere hopes that the next post Enron-CEO phase of your life brings you personal happiness, fulfillment, fun and contentment. Although we often had different perspectives, my one-on-one sessions trying to get deals past you, while few in number, were some of the most stimulating and challenging I experienced here. I regret we never worked closely together - - you're the only really smart guy I've been unable to convince of/ demonstrate my value to in my working life. I think Ken Rice owes me for pissing you off and getting deselected to head the new US electricity efforts in '93!
On a more somber note, I admired you for going over to Teeside last week to face the families. I can still remember vividly the faces, the destruction, the emotions in the hours after the San Juan Gas explosion in 1996. It was hard for awhile to get motivated to press ahead with the power/LNG project in the face of that tragedy and the distant thought that, gee, I'll be responsible for bringing the new facility to this island. Am I sure it won't kill people? If there was a catalyst or "straw" that tipped you across the line in asking how hard you're willing to fight just to keep doing the CEO job, instead of every other direction you could take your life, it wouldn't surprise me if the experience at Teeside was it. One changes, even if only subtly, after that kind of experience.
Thanks for treating me civilly even when you were the most angry with the rest of EI. Good luck with your new marriage and the next phase of your life.