Enron Mail

Subject:Catching Up
Date:Thu, 11 Oct 2001 09:25:41 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff -- I don't know exactly what you are up to now that you have left
Enron, but if you could help me deal with a situation, I would be most
appreciative. I am Chairman of Seurat Company (www.seurat.com), a firm
specializing in helping organizations harness the inherent value in
relationships with high-value entities; e.g., customers, employees,
partners, suppliers, and investors. While remaining totally agnostic as to
vendor selection, we work with firms like Siebel Systems to build the
business case for implementing CRM and ERM (Employee Relationship
Management). It is my understanding that before you left Enron you
established an initiative to consolidate over 650 portals into a common
platform. Siebel has been effectively shut out of the discussions currently
underway. Is there a way that you could at least open the right doors so
they can make their pitch? Siebel has a platform that combines a global
portal with an ERM underpinning, one that is well worth looking into.

Let me know what, if anything, you can do to assist in this endeavor. In
the meantime, I hope all is well. A lunch or dinner in Boston or wherever
would be a great way to catch up.

Regards, Gresh.

G. T. Brebach, Jr.
Seurat Company
781.487.2711 or 781.856.4664