Enron Mail

Subject:ELM Finance Course Offerings
Date:Wed, 31 Oct 2001 14:35:43 -0800 (PST)

Take advantage of the following courses remaining for 2001.

Electric Business Understanding - November 27
The Electric Business Understanding Seminar will give a basic overview of the electric business for those with limited knowledge of this industry. This seminar is recommended for entry level to mid-level employees in either the gas or electric business or in businesses providing services to these industries.

Understanding Swaps - November 8 & 9 and December 13 & 14
This course is appropriate for all employees wishing to obtain a practical understanding of the basic natural gas and power derivative structures that are traded and marketed today. An emphasis is placed on understanding how financial tools are added to physical structures to meet the risk management needs of clients.

Understanding Options - November 27 & 28 and December 18 & 19
This course builds on our Derivatives 1 program and is appropriate for all employees looking to extend their knowledge of basic derivatives. Swaps and options are revisited, but from a more sophisticated perspective. Option pricing concepts are approached pragmatically, both from the trading and structuring/marketing perspectives. The program does not involve complex mathematics.

Structuring Natural Gas Transactions - November 19 & 20
This course builds on the DI - Applied Energy Derivatives program, focusing on deal structuring opportunities particular to the Natural Gas markets. Participants will develop insights into the economic inter-relationships between the physical operations (pipelines, storage, generation, etc.) and their synthetic financial counterparts (basis, time spread and multi-fuel derivatives). Emphasis is directed at identifying marketing opportunities that follow from these concepts. This is not an introduction to natural gas markets.

For enrollment, or more information on these courses, please log on to http://elm.enron.com.