Enron Mail

Subject:East Africa
Date:Thu, 26 Jul 2001 19:19:08 -0700 (PDT)

I am Dr. Mona Yousry. You don't know me. I earned my PH.D. in Mathematic=
s in 1982 and have served in the Telecommunications industry for 19 years.=
I was recruited by Bell Laboratories, AT&T, Ameritech, and Sempra Energy=
. =20
I have always been impressed by Enron's performance and business strategie=
s. I believe you were instrumental in what Enron is all about today.
I read an article about you and your zealous interest in Africa. You need=
to meet Larry Robinson. The following is in his words. Please read it.
Lawrence Robinson: Born in Congo, Central Africa, 1952. =20
My father was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. My parents and grandparents were M=
issionaries. My grandparents went to Africa from California in 1912 and are=
both buried in Africa. I was raised in very remote areas of the Belgian C=
ongo and from an early age spent lots of time in the African Bush. This wa=
s a time to learn many of the secrets necessary to survive the African bus=
h and love it. I had the opportunity to study and learn animal behavior in=
ways that most experts only dream about. Some of my greatest memories are=
from times I would take a pocket full of salt with my rifle and go into t=
he bush for 10 days to 2 weeks at a time, sometimes totally alone. It was =
also a time to learn about the African people and their languages and cult=
ures. As time passed and Independence swept the Continent, I saw Zaire, th=
e great land where I was born, turn into a blood bath. I learned more abou=
t the most savage creature of all. As I saw men slaughter men, women, and =
children, I understood better how organized and balanced nature really is.=
I am a U.S. Citizen and Resident in Tanzania, East Africa. I am tri-lingu=
al and understand three other African languages. I have an FAA Commercial =
Pilots license. Educated in Cape Town, South Africa, Singapore, Beirut, Le=
banon, Michigan, and California. Have two B.S. degrees. One in Agriculture=
and one in Industrial Education. Have traveled around the world many time=
s. My longest overland trip was from Germany to Cape Town driving my own T=
oyota Land Cruiser. This was a 10 month journey of over 30,000 miles. Cross=
ing the Sahara Desert and the Kalahari Desert before a GPS was available w=
as indeed a great adventure. From 1985 to 1992 I owned and operated my own=
Import Export Company in Central Africa called "Malaika Zaire". Presentl=
y I am Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of "Solar Universal Net=
work" - a Californian Non-profit Organization, 501©3. Solar Universal Ne=
twork is also established in Tanzania as an International NGO since 1995. =
S.U.N.'s primary focus is to establish safe, permanent, water supplies for=
communities in Tanzania using alternative energy. An example of our work =
is at Sukenya, Northern Tanzania where we are pumping approximately 12,000=
gallons of water per day from 250 feet deep for the Maasai Community usin=
g only Solar Energy. This system has been operating for a year now with ou=
tstanding success. When necessary, we also use UV Water Purification Units=
powered by Solar Energy to purify any contamination which may exist in wa=
ter supplies. One of the areas we are now working in is located in Northe=
rn Tanzania just South of the Kenya boarder and just East of the Serengeti=
National Park. This is considered Maasai Land and is fascinating country.=
Each year hundreds of thousands Wilderbeasts migrate south through this a=
rea to give birth to their young in the Southern plains of the Serengeti. T=
he great migration is considered one of natures last unmatched marvels on =
earth. This is the time when the predators like lions, leopards, cheetah, =
and hyena are roaming the area. There are also heards of Cape Buffalo, Ele=
phant, and many types of antelope and zebra. Because of the Community Deve=
lopment that S.U.N. has done in this area, we have an exceptional opportun=
ity to hike, camp, and hunt with the Maasai in this location. I have perso=
nally been within 10 yards of a lion and his kill while on foot with a Maa=
sai warrior and only a spear in hand. Tanzania is also the land of Mt. Ki=
limanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Victoria, and =
Zanzibar Island.