Enron Mail

Subject:Energy Derivatives/Power Trading Seminars
Date:Tue, 18 Sep 2001 21:12:12 -0700 (PDT)

The time is rapidly approaching for PGS Energy Training's
October/November seminars in downtown Philadelphia and Houston.
These quality seminars explain the subjects listed below
in plain English.

For specific dates, hotels and other information, call
412-279-9298 or visit http://www.pgsenergy.com/schedule.html

1) Fundamentals of Energy & Electricity Futures, Options
& Derivatives
2) Fundamentals of Electric Power Trading
3) Gas-to-Electricity Arbitrage & How to Maximize the
Profitability of Electric Generation Assets
4) Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis
5) How to Value Electric Generation Assets as Real Options
6) Developing Energy Risk Management Policies & Procedures (John
Wengler of R.W. Beck)

Save money by bringing a group of 4 or more. With a group
rate, your cost for our $1,295 seminars is reduced to $895 per
attendee-- a savings of $1,600 from our regular prices. The group
price for the $695 programs is $495.

Please forward this information to any one you know
who might benefit from a better understanding of energy
derivatives, gas-to-electricity arbitrage or electric power trading.

Thank you.

John Adamiak
PGS Energy Training