Enron Mail

Subject:Energy Derivatives/Power Trading Seminars
Date:Thu, 6 Sep 2001 09:44:27 -0700 (PDT)

Please forward this information to any one you know
who might benefit from a better understanding of energy
derivatives, gas-to-electricity arbitrage or electric power trading.

The time is rapidly approaching for PGS Energy Training's
October seminars in downtown Philadelphia and Houston. These
are quality seminars that explain some pretty complicated subjects
in plain English. (See seminar list below)

For specific dates, hotels and other information, call
412-279-9298 or visit http://www.pgsenergy.com/schedule.html

1) Fundamentals of Energy & Electricity Futures, Options
& Derivatives
2) Fundamentals of Electric Power Trading
3) Gas-to-Electricity Arbitrage & How to Maximize the
Profitability of Electric Generation Assets
4) Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis for the Energy &
Electric Power Markets
5) How to Value Electric Generation Assets as Real Options
6) Managing Energy Risk (John Wengler of R.W. Beck)

Save money by bringing a group of 4 or more. With a group
rate, your cost for our $1,295 seminars is reduced to $895 per
attendee-- a savings of $1,600 from our regular prices. The group
price for the $695 programs is $495.

Thank you.

John Adamiak, PGS Energy Training