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Subject:Evoke Data Analysis & mapping
Date:Mon, 13 Aug 2001 13:49:38 -0700 (PDT)


I hope the information below will be of benefit you your efforts. Please
review and pass to the appropriate people.

The risks associated with data-intensive information technology projects are
overwhelming. The business and IT people responsible for working with
corporate data often discover that it is poorly documented, unreliable, and
spread out among different computing environments. Data-specific projects
like e-business, merger & acquisition-related business systems
consolidation, data warehousing, customer relationship management, supply
chain management, business intelligence, etc often fall short of the
benefits they were designed to provide.

In addition:

"The amount of data that most organizations have created and the
inconsistencies that exist in that data make it more of a liability than an
asset." The Gartner Group

"Only 17% of corporate projects that require integration, migration or
consolidation of data succeed. 83% of these initiatives either over run or
fail. The key reason being a lack of understanding of the source data."
The Standish Group

Evoke Software's AXIO product suite enables companies to accelerate and
enhance their business initiatives and deployments of new applications. AXIO
automates the analysis of corporate data residing in disparate systems
across the enterprise. It discovers data relationships and dependencies and
identifies data quality issues, inconsistencies between different systems
housing similar information, and incompatibilities between data sources and
target systems. The results of this process-accurate metadata about existing
systems-are stored in the Evoke Repository and are used to develop accurate
maps and transformation specifications that drive subsequent extract,
transform and load or application integration processes.
AXIO sometimes gets confused with data cleansing and ETL Tools. Evoke's
products do not move or cleanse your data. We provide the ground-zero
analysis of data from any source to ensure the success of your data-specific
projects and avoid costly re-work of data issues.

The attached document explains the business reasons why companies like IBM,
AT&T, Agilent and Kraft utilize our technology to reduce risk and increase
time to market of their enterprise projects. Please review the document at
your leisure. If you should have any questions please call me at (972)

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