Enron Mail

Subject:FW: Enron Guest Speaker
Date:Fri, 27 Jul 2001 12:46:26 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jeff,
Thought you'd be interested in seeing the wonderful e-mail response I
received from U.S. Air Force Major Ken Carey regarding your plans to
address the Washington, D.C. AMS in November. It just arrived late last
evening. This is really above and beyond the call of duty given all that is
on your plate and I can't adequetely thank you for agreeing to do it. I
really passed this on to you with some misgivings, knowing how often I get
requests for talks for which there is just no time---and you're hit with
15,000 times the number of inquiries that pass this desk. Thanks, again,
Jeff. You are certainly a hit in the meterological community and there is
much interest in what you have to say. I get such a kick out of my brother!

I continue to follow the whole California thing and all the news from
Enron via the various business news services. I still chuckle when I think
of our hikes with Willy to the Watchung Mountains and the various forts and
treehouses we contructed along the way from rejected scrap wood picked up at
construction sites and contrast all that to the lives we lead today. Who
would have thought?? You're doing a great job in a challenging environment
and I'm sorry to have added anything to an already busy work load with this.
But, I do thank you, Jeff!
Preparations are underway for Mark and Sukran's visit in September.
Our Sue tells me she's very nice! Look forward to meeting her.
Take care of yourself, Jeff!

Love, Tom

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From: Skilling, Tom
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 1:26 PM
To: 'Carey, Kenneth, Maj, AFSAA/SAFM'
Subject: RE: Enron Guest Speaker

I'm absolutely delighted to hear this! You are kind to share the news. I
know Jeff's incredibly busy but am thrilled at his plans to join you. I'd
love to be there to hear his presentation myself. I understand that what he
and his colleagues in Houston have done is really something and it should
make for an fascinating evening. Adding Larry Heitkemper is a coup as well.
Much success with the program and congratulations on the effort you so
graciously put forth to put together a series of really outstanding programs
for the AMS Washington, D.C. chapter, Ken!
Your kind invitation to visit one of your chapter meetings is noted and
appreciated. Things really hop here and I don't often get out that way.
But, I will definitely keep it in mind and can't thank you enough for the
All the very best to you, Ken, and I do hope to see you again sometime
in the future! Have a great 2001-2002 season of meetings!

To: Skilling, Tom
Subject: RE: Enron Guest Speaker


It looks like we have a tentative meeting with your brother Jeff as our
guest speaker on Friday, November 9th. Thanks very much for helping us get
Jeff as our guest! I sure didn't expect to get the Enron President and CEO!
In addition, Larry Heitkemper from Earth Satellite Corporation in Rockville,
Maryland, who works closely with Enron, has also agreed to be our guest. It
should be an outstanding time had by all!

You'd better promise me that if you have any plans to come to Washington DC
that you let me know so we might have you over for dinner, or at least share
a cup of coffee. We'd love for you to join us at a DC AMS Chapter meeting.

Take care, let's try to keep in touch, and I wish you very sincerely the
best of luck in your personal and professional endeavors.


How nice to hear from you and thanks for the picture! I do indeed
remember meeting you (sending the picture was a great idea and helped jog my
failing memory!). Your words are very kind and I thank you sincerely.
Let me put a call into my brother Jeff down at Enron and see if there
might be a way they can respond. It's a fabulous idea for a talk and I know
that Jeff's group in Houston are extremely active in this area. Will get
back to you with whatever information I can put together.
Much success to you as well, Ken! It's interesting you've written today
for we've just received word here that one of my most recent interns, having
achieved his meteorological degree at Valparaiso University, has just
officially joined the Air Force, a lifelong ambition and dream come true.
Another of my former interns intends to do the same.
All the very best, Ken! I'll get back to you.


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Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 4:11 PM
To: Skilling, Tom
Subject: FW: Enron Guest Speaker

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From: Carey, Kenneth, Maj, AFSAA/SAFM
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 10:35 AM
Subject: Enron Guest Speaker


Hello from our Nation's Capital! You and I met at the AMS Annual Meeting in
San Diego in 1999 (see attached picture of you and I!). You're very well
known and I applaud all of the good things you're doing for both your
Chicago and national viewers, weather-wise, but, more importantly, your
tremendous and positive community involvement!

<<Tom Skilling.bmp<<
As a chapter officer with the District of Columbia Chapter of the American
Meteorological Society (DC AMS), I want to get the very best speakers with
inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking topics for our chapter
membership. I can't think of anything much more exciting in our profession
than that of weather derivatives, and the products and services for our
energy and agricultural sector that is a booming part of our field.

I'd like to get someone from Enron to speak at one of our chapter meetings.
I understand you may have an inside track to Enron and I wanted to inquire
if you could help us get an appropriate person to talk to our chapter about
weather for their business ventures. I'd like to also get someone from the
weather provider perspectives, like a company like EarthSat Corp, so we
could get a better understanding of both the weather provider and customer

I look forward to hearing from you and best of luck with your future
professional and personal endeavors!

Best Regards,

Kenneth Carey, Major, US Air Force
Vice Chairman, District of Columbia AMS Chapter
(703) 588-8628
Fax: (703) 588-0220