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Subject:FW: reliability legislation
Date:Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:22:01 -0700 (PDT)


I look forward to our call Thursday regarding the Enron position on electric
reliability legislation and NERC's role. Here is a marked up copy as well as
a clean copy showing the latest proposal that we would expect NERC to offer
up. This is apparently still a very different approach from that proposed by



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Subject: reliability legislation


This is the shorter version of the reliability language that is under
discussion. It's redlined to show the changes from the longer version.
It was developed by lawyers for EEI, APPA and the Canadian Electricity
Association, with our encouragement and advice. In the Senate hearing
last week I told Senator Bingaman that I thought we could develop
shorter language that still contained the essentials we need for an SRO.
I believe this draft would do that. We've asked for comment from all
concerned by tomorrow. Early returns indicate that all who support the
current language will also support the shorter version. It is unclear
whether we will pick up any additional supporters (like ELCON, Enron, or
EPSA), although some of them have said the draft is a step in the right
direction. Thanks for your help.

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<<Discussion draft, 071901.DOC<<

- Discussion draft, 071901.DOC
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