Enron Mail

Subject:Fall with a Twist
Date:Tue, 9 Oct 2001 13:22:05 -0700 (PDT)

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=09=09[IMAGE] =09
[IMAGE]=09 [IMAGE] Dear Jeff Skilling, The finer things in life are s=
ometimes green. Our modestly monochromatic Fragrant Eucalyptus Bouquet (=
shown right) is a natural display of greenery that shows true luxury has n=
othing to do with imposing grandeur. Easy to arrange in our architectural =
glass vase, the bouquet can be left to air-dry naturally for enjoyment ind=
efinitely in the home or workplace, and has a unique fresh scent. With i=
ts handcrafted, grass-covered pot, our Grass and Grain Sculpture is an un=
usual dried arrangement in a natural palette of beiges and pale gray-green=
s. Perfectly suited for any type of gift giving, it is an interesting way =
to add natural beauty to a setting and best of all, it requires no care. =
As the weather changes, you can surely add warmth to a special occasion wi=
th our decisively different Strawflower Plant . Also known as Everlasting F=
lower or Paper Daisy, our cheerful Strawflower plant will bloom for months=
. The papery petals actually make a rustling sound as the flowers open! T=
wo eclectic fall specials we are proud to showcase this October are our Ob=
ake Anthuriums and our majestic Protea that create a much-admired tropic=
al look. Please remember National Boss?s Day is Tuesday, October 16. We =
invite you to visit our Specials page for ideal gift selections & our Sal=
e page for limited-time offers. Calyx & Corolla =09[IMAGE]=09
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