Enron Mail

Date:Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:53:29 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jeff:

I read in the newspaper that you have decided to leave Enron. I'm sure you
are receiving thousands of letters like mine from many admirers everywhere.
As I said to you on other occasions, I truly enjoyed serving on your
committee to select the new fire chief. Your talents and natural gifts are
so great that not having you at Enron will clearly be a huge loss for that
company and the rest of us in the Houston community. Best of luck and
Godspeed in your next endeavor. As I said to you the last time we spoke, I
still would like to find some way to be on your team in the future.

- Roel

Roel C. Campos
Principal Shareholder/General Counsel
El Dorado Communications, Inc.
Direct Line: (713) 968-4500
Fax: (713) 968-4518 or (713) 621-5325