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Subject:Forrester Research on Best Practices for the "Virtualized"
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Join us June 26th for an on-line seminar featuring Steven J. Kafka, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, as he discusses how technology can create more effective collaboration in today's virtualized enterprise. Also featuring Mike Hager, VP, OppenheimerFunds, offering insights into implementing these technologies through real-world experiences. Brian Anderson, CMO, Access360 will share techniques and provide tips on how to successfully deploy resources across the virtualized enterprise.
Don't miss this important event. Register now at http://www.access360.com/webinar/ . For a sneak preview, check out our one-minute animation that illustrates the challenges of provisioning access rights across the "virtualized" enterprise.
About Access360
Access360 provides the software and services needed for deploying policy-based provisioning solutions. Our solutions help companies automate the process of provisioning employees, contractors and business partners with access rights to the applications they need. With Access360, companies can react instantaneously to changing business environments and relationships and operate with confidence, whether in a closed enterprise environment or across a virtual or extended enterprise.


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