Enron Mail

Subject:Greetings from PetroStrategies
Date:Wed, 29 Aug 2001 07:47:45 -0700 (PDT)

PetroStrategies, Inc.

Consulting, Research and Training

Dear Mr. Skilling,

I want to introduce myself to new friends and reintroduce myself to old
friends. I am writing to tell you about my new adventures since I left the
Maguire Energy Institute in January. I haven't had time to write or do many
other things as illustrated by the following list of activities:

* Developed a web page for my business (http://www.petrostrategies.org)
* Gave presentations at meetings in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.
* Conducted three training classes for international oil companies held in
Orlando, Florida and Mumbai, India.
* Prepared a series of oil and gas industry training courses ranging from
one to five days.
* Taken two classes on web-based authoring and taught two statistics classes
at SMU

I hope that explains why I haven't been in contact with you before now.

Please take a minute to visit the web page. I believe that you will find it
to be a very useful addition to your Internet list of favorites. If you do
find it helpful, please pass the URL to your friends and colleagues.

Allen Mesch

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