Enron Mail

Subject:Harvard-Yale Game
Date:Wed, 31 Oct 2001 13:09:13 -0800 (PST)

Attached is an invitation for the Harvard-Yale Game. This year, we are
doing a few things differently, and we really hope you can join us:

- Children's activities and free kid's admission!
- Reduced pricing for recent graduates!
- A flag football game challenge from the Yale Club (message attached)

It should be a very fun afternoon. Come and join the fun!

A Message from the Yale Club to the Harvard Club:

We are throwing down the white hankerchief to challenge the Harvard Club's
mettle. Following the broadcast of The Game, the local Harvard alums can
redeem their football team's performance during a flag football game to be
played on the grounds of The Bayou Club -- henceforth to be known as The
Flag Game.

Cheerleaders are encouraged. Rules of engagement will be clarified at the
game. A capella singing groups will be rewarded. MIT is, as always,

We would like to initiate this as an annual grudge match of the highest
level of civility, comraderie and fun. A trophy and individual
certificates of merit will be awarded along with bragging rights for the
ensuing year.

Hopefully this will stimulate participation amongst your younger "Johns"
"Crimson" (whatever Harvard people call themselves!). We will even create
a digital trophy to place on our, uh, the winning team's Web site.

We tried to set this up for the morning of The Game, but alas the club is
not keen on us using their showers. So, afterward it shall be - so people
can go home and take showers.

Likewise, while we expect some people (as always) to arrive in coat &
tie...this year we expect and encourage more people to arrive as most
Harvard types do...in jeans or some other appropriate sporting attire :o) ..

Lets get more Harvardians, Cantabs, Crimson, Johns, whatever out this
year. At least 50!

Boola boola!

Dottie Kerr (harvardclub@kerr-solutions.com)
Administrator for Harvard Club of Houston