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Subject:Hedging Class, Nov 5-6, Houston
Date:Mon, 15 Oct 2001 13:36:19 -0700 (PDT)

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Two Full Days, November 5-6, 2001
Marriott West Loop, Houston, TX

Energy Consumers and Producers
Are you a consumer that failed to buy forward last year and bought too soon this year? Are you a producer who hedged too early last year and are unhedged now? Are you comforting yourself with the fact that you did not hedge to make money? Let's face it - you did not hedge to lose money either. Kase's Derivatives Boot Camp will provide you with the indispensable strategies and tactics you need to avoid costly errors and equip you to make the important hedging decisions necessary for survival in today's treacherous marketplace.
Kase's Derivatives Boot Camp Covers: The Derivatives Market Buying and Selling Forward Hedging Long and Short Positions Trigger Deals, EFP's, Swaps Hedging Spreads and Basis Volatility and Options Hedging with Options Hedging with "Exotics" Market Behavior in Favorable Price Environments Market Behavior in Adverse Price Environments Developing a Strategy to Match Risk Appetite Selecting Appropriate Instruments Developing Policies and Procedures Regular: $995.00 Two or More: $895.00 Click Here for More Information About the Presenters Who Should Attend Detailed Agenda Other Classes Offered By Kase ***Register Now! *** [IMAGE] Kase and Company also offers In House Training Classes. For more information about Kase In House Training Classes please email us at kase@kaseco.com or call at (505) 237-1600.