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Subject:Here's what you're missing...
Date:Tue, 5 Jun 2001 11:29:38 -0700 (PDT)

Cinergy going into
summer long
on power

Cinergy CEO Jim Rogers told Restructuring Today in a three-part
interview that this summer prices will be low and electric supplies
Is it the result of the June 1998 price spike that rose to $7,500?
Did the high price lure in generation that's now providing ECAR
consumers with economical prices at a time when the West Coast is being
punished for not doing the same?
"The short answer is yes," Rogers replied.
ECAR is getting 4,000 mw more capacity this summer, he added.
Rogers thinks the Ohio market will be slow to open and may not get
robust for five years. He was critical of other IOUs that are dragging
their feet in RTO formation.
We'd love to send you the Rogers interview and others we've
published recently:
Walter Higgins, Sierra Nevada; Corbin McNeill from PECO Energy;
Marce Fuller of Mirant; Erle Nye of TXU, the incoming EEI chairman -- to
name just a few.
If you'd like to see these in-depth interviews reply via email and
I'll send them to you free of charge.

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