Enron Mail

Subject:Houston Flood Relief Effort
Date:Mon, 11 Jun 2001 13:57:37 -0700 (PDT)

On Saturday, June 9, Tropical Storm Allison left Houston in chaos dumping more than 20 inches of rain and flooding the city in a matter of hours. As of Sunday night, 17 people had died in the storm and many others are still missing. One of those who perished in the fatal flood was one of our employees, a summer intern in ETS and student at Texas A & M University, Chad Garren. Our condolences go out to his family and co-workers. At this time, Enron Community Relations and Aggies@Enron <mailto:Aggies@Enron< are planning to establish a scholarship fund in his memory. More information on the fund will be forthcoming.

Enron has made a corporate contribution of $500,000 to the American Red Cross to aid in the victim relief effort. Enron employees are encouraged to donate to relief efforts and to take advantage of our Matching Gift Program to double the impact of your individual donation. Enron will match your contribution dollar for dollar and your donation will not be counted against your $15,000 annual limit.

Although Enron is supporting the American Red Cross, please feel free to make your donation to the non-profit organization of your choice that is offering aid to flood victims (they must provide proof of their 501c 3 status). Please send your check to EB1635a before Friday, June 15, and we will send it, along with a matching check to the appropriate agency. On the memo line of your check, please make sure to write "Houston Flood Relief."

We know that many Enron employees have been severely impacted by this devastating flood. Enron cares about you and your family and would like to make sure that your immediate needs are being met. If you have been displaced because of the flood, please contact the Community Relations hotline at ext. 37181 for assistance. Also, if you would like to help your co-workers who have been displaced, an account has been set up at the Enron Federal Credit Union to accept donations. Please bring/send your contribution to the Enron Federal Credit Union and make your checks out to Employee Flood Relief .

There are many agencies in Houston in need of volunteer assistance. If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail your name and extension to communityrelations@enron.com <mailto:communityrelations@enron.com<. Please note if you are willing to lead a project.

Again, our hearts go out to Chad's family and to all of you who have been impacted by this tragedy. Please continue to watch your e-mail for more information.