Enron Mail

Subject:Important message: Annual Meeting 2002
Date:Wed, 7 Nov 2001 03:31:52 -0800 (PST)

To the attention of:
Mr Jeffrey K. Skilling
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr Skilling,

These are extraordinary times for all of us, and I want to share with you
important news concerning our next Annual Meeting.

The events of 11 September and their aftermath have created a special
interest in our upcoming Annual Meeting. We all share the understanding
that we are living in a new era of fragility and are looking for signposts
that establish a way forward. Participation in our Annual Meeting of top
business, political, intellectual and civil society leaders promises to
make our Annual Meeting, more than ever before, the place where we confront
our problems head-on.

This calls for an Annual Meeting that is much more interactive than in the
past. We therefore have developed a programme concept designed to engage
our Members and participants in dynamic discussion and problem solving on
key aspects of the Global Agenda. We appeal to you to consult the programme
concept from 15 November onwards on our website (http://www.weforum.org)
and to provide us with your feedback as soon as possible.

In order to develop a road map of international cooperation for the future,
we believe the most pressing issues for us to tackle are reversing the
global economic slowdown, bridging the poverty and educational divides,
enhancing security and improving cultural understanding throughout the
world. With these as our goals, we felt that New York would be the ideal
place for our next Annual Meeting. The decision has the enthusiastic
approval of the Forum's Foundation Board and Business Council as well as
the full support of Governor George Pataki and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The
Annual Meeting 2002 will represent an unparalleled effort to mobilize all
the leaders behind our mission: to bring business and society together in
partnership to improve the state of the world.

We will work closely with your staff to provide all necessary information
related to travel, accommodation and security. The Meeting will start on
Thursday 31 January and end on Monday 4 February 2002. The principal
location will be the Hotel Waldorf Astoria.

We will spare no efforts to make sure that the informal spirit of Davos and
its hard-working atmosphere are not only preserved but intensified, and
that the Meeting will be truly outstanding in its collective impact. We are
confident that we can count on you to give this exceptional "Davos in New
York" your full support and engagement.

Klaus Schwab
Founder and President
World Economic Forum