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Subject:Improve your margins by enhancing your IT Infrastructure.
Date:Tue, 9 Oct 2001 18:59:53 -0700 (PDT)

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In an industry driven by forces such as economic change, consolidation, globalization and integration of industry-wide supply chains new forms of doing business become a necessity.

Manufacturers are constantly looking to optimize customer, supplier, and distributor relationships to meet the rising expectations of their customers.

Izhuta combines a thorough understanding of business knowledge in the areas of manufacturing operations and processes and supply chain imperatives with its high delivery process maturity and capabilities to develop and deploy business solutions.

Izhuta utilizes the potential of legacy, current and emerging technologies to deliver service offerings in the areas of manufacturing operations, logistics and retail distribution. These include:

. IT Assessment and Planning
. Complete E-business Solutions
. Package and System Implementations
. Engineering Services
. Customer Management Programs
. Program Management Office
. Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems
. Custom Application Development
. System Implementation and Integration
. Application Integration, Sustenance and Rearchitecting

Please let me know of a convenient time to discuss as to how our solutions can help your company to improve your margins by enhancing internal productivity and enable better service levels by streamlining your supply efficiency.


Hema Malini
Phone: 1 800 485 7004 ext 202