Enron Mail

Subject:Inknowvator Inc. & Revolutionaries Ball
Date:Thu, 9 Aug 2001 12:41:00 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff, I am a cofounder of Inknowvator Inc. I live in Houston, actually
Gene Humphrey is my next door neighbor.

Our new Idea Manager solution was recently selected by Xcelerator to
identify, develop and select new ventures. This was put on hold following
the recent management change. Oddly enough, the Knowledge Management
group, then housed in EES, also thought we were the "best thing since
sliced bread" and wanted to bring us in as an Enron corporate offering. As
you know, that group was disbanded.

I was interested in your participation in the Revolutionaries Ball. We
are in discussions with Gary Hamel's company, Strategos. It turned out
that we have very similar clients and our software solution can be a
natural enabler for Strategos's approach to innovation (Halliburton is our
latest corporate innovation client). Also, we can target our solution at
venture management (Xcelerator), M&A (Chevron-Texaco) and new service
development (Schlumberger).

I believe that we are an ideal solution for Enron to identify and develop
new business ventures, to enhance current products and services, and to
share ideas and learnings across the company. I would like to meet with
you to discuss our solution

I look forward to hearing from you.