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Subject:Insight on Effectiveness: Channels Rule
Date:Mon, 24 Sep 2001 11:16:58 -0700 (PDT)

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Product is no longer king. Channels rule. by Tim Riesterer, VP Market =
Development, Ventaso In today's highly charged B2B market, it's not so mu=
ch what you sell anymore - but how you sell it. Product is no longer king.=
The channels by which complex products and services are marketed and sol=
d have become the new drivers of economic success, influencing: Prospect =
brand decisions Market share growth Top-line revenue gains Bottom-line p=
rofitability Pressure for continued growth in each of these areas is forc=
ing many companies to aggressively pursue expanded channel partnerships, m=
arketing alliances, e-commerce initiatives, as well as mergers and acquisi=
tions.On paper, these proliferating channels promise great possibilities.Bu=
t, in practical application, they remain pools of untapped potential. Tha=
ts why industry experts predict that increasing channel member effectivene=
ss will be the number one strategic objective for improving top- and bott=
om-line corporate performance in the coming years. That's why Ventaso pre=
dicts that enabling channel partners to easily access and deliver the righ=
t marketing messages and sales support at the right time -- will be key to=
increasing their effectiveness in helping grow your business. To lear=
n more about how you can improve your sales channel effectiveness visit ht=
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