Enron Mail

Date:Thu, 3 May 2001 12:49:00 -0700 (PDT)

Haven't quite determined the best way to assign priority to invitations for
you, so if you'd let me know whether occasional notes like this one are OK,
I'll continue.

Business Week Breakthrough: A CEO Retreat
Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA
June 27-29, 2001

- Brochure and reply form have been dropped off with Sherri

- Business Week and Jim Taylor are collaborating to inaugurate an annual
in partnership with IBM, to explore breakthrough ideas in leadership that
will continue
to power fundamental business transformation. Conferees will have an
to examine the range of business systems and decision structures that are
by technological and scientific breakthroughs. The meeting will examine
breakthrough concepts that are entering the CEO's world: globalization,
and the emergence of the "trusted identity"; continuous supply chain
funding and
precision demand forecasting; pervasive computing and the proliferation of
technologies; the changing roles of leadership and the evolving qualities
of leaders;
customer ascendancy.

- Of particular note on the agenda is a high-speed, high-stakes sailing
regatta to explore
leadership, competition and teamwork, manned by Breakthrough CEOs, and lead
Dennis Connor and the Stars and Stripes crew in San Diego Harbor,

- Anticipated audience is 75-100 executives; CEOs, Presidents

- Conference fee is waived for you -- compliments of IBM


IBM Global Insurance Executive Conference
Hotel Inter-Continental, Berlin, Germany
October 3-5, 2001

- This event is IBM Global Insurance Industry's premier customer event, and
a forum for exploring new growth and e-business opportunities in the
financial services world. It is a spouse event with a planned social and
partner program.

- You are requested to speak for 45 minutes including a short question and
answer period
on October 4 (or October 3 if it is more convenient). We'd like you to talk
about the
Enron growth story, discussing how Enron has changed the face of the energy
We think the executives will be interested to learn how innovation and
investment coupled
with an entrepreneurial strategy has worked to make Enron one of the most
highly respected
companies in the world. In addition, we'd like you to discuss Enron's role
in financial services
as you create and participate in e-markets for a variety of goods and
services. Since insurance
companies are increasingly playing in energy risk management, in weather
risk management
and other areas, these insurance and financial services executives ought to
have significant
interest in your addressing Enron's leadership in this area as well.

- Anticipated audience is 100-125 CEOs and senior business executives from
major insurance
and financial services companies around the globe, plus accompanying IBM
There should be ample opportunity to network.

- If you would like, we will provide professionals to assist you with your
content and presentation.

- You and your spouse are guests of IBM.

- This event receives media coverage from many European dailies and
periodicals, including
Financial Times, Handelsblatt, Les Echos and usually especially strong
coverage from the Nordics,
so we can facilitate an Enron story, if you'd like.

- On a personal note, Berlin is an amazing city (4X the size of Paris) with
a wealth of history
spanning 800 years. Our partner program is designed with exclusive tours.
The gala dinner
Thursday evening will be spectacular.

- Attached is a brochure, and I can provide a hardcopy version, from our
conference last year
in Barcelona. We plan to do something similar this year. It was an insert
in the American Banker
and insurance trade magazines.

(See attached file: IBMinsur.pdf)

Gail P. Whipple
Managing Director, Enron
1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY
8/224-6399, (914) 642-6399
(914) 642-6063 (fax)
e-mail: gwhipple@us.ibm.com
- IBMinsur.pdf