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Subject:Jet Aircraft - Priced to sell
Date:Thu, 8 Nov 2001 13:34:02 -0800 (PST)

Now is the best time in years to purchase an aircraft!
Pre-owned jet aircraft prices are at historic lows.
Now more than ever safety, security, control . . .

Omni offers the following aircraft priced to sell!
Full pictures, specifications and price are at: WWW.OMNIJET.COM

Astra s/n 16
Beechjet 400 s/n RJ-7
Beechjet 400A s/n RK-126
Beechjet 400A s/n RK-136
Citation I/SP s/n 32
Citation II s/n 667
Citation S/II s/n 125
Citation V Ultra s/n 422
Citation 500 s/n 110
Diamond 1A s/n 57
Diamond 1A s/n 6
Gulfstream II/SP s/n 51
Gulfstream II/SP s/n 81
Gulfstream II s/n 94
Gulfstream IIB s/n 199
Gulfstream III s/n 483
Gulfstream V s/n 522
Hawker 400F s/n NA763
Hawker 600F s/n 256015
Hawker 700 s/n NA0338
Hawker 700 s/n NA0213
Hawker 800 s/n NA0422
Jetstar 731 s/n 5054
Learjet 31A s/n 128
Learjet 31A s/n 220
Learjet 35A s/n 220
Lear 35A s/n 627
Sabre 65 s/n
Westwind 1 s/n 281
Westwind 2 s/n 374
Westwind 1124 s/n 204
Conquest 1 s/n 143
Gulfstream I s/n 156
King Air F90 s/n LA-168

Click here to go to WWW.OMNIJET.COM

Tel: 410-820-7300 Fax: 410-820-5082

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If once a month is still too intrusive or you have nothing to do with corporate jet aircraft, we will gladly remove you from future emailings.
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