Enron Mail

Subject:LA Mayoral Race
Date:Sun, 3 Jun 2001 16:40:20 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jeff:
< It was great catching up with you and the other committee members
< Friday night. Thank you again for asking me to join the group. I
< thoroughly enjoyed our work and serving our city. I
< really hope we will have another opportunity to work together again in the
near future.
< I have materials regarding Antonio Villaraigosa, the candidate for
< mayor of LA. The election is on Tuesday, June 5 and the polls show the
< race to be a toss up. The outcome will likely depend upon which candidate
< can use radio and TV most effectively over the last few days. I
< understand that his campaign went into debt to purchase the advertising
< over this week end through election day. Contributions sent Monday
< overnight will certainly be noticed and appreciated. Contributions would
< be to Villaraigosa for Mayor, they are not tax deductible and are limited
< to $1,000 per person, including corporations, labor unions, PACs and
< individuals. Whether Villaraigosa wins or loses, you certainly should
< consider a fund raiser after the election. (It would need to be structured
< in a particular way.) Villaraigosa will remain a star and may eventually
< be elected either Mayor of LA and later Governor. He will remain very
< influential even if not elected.
< Jeff, obviously, the overall issue for Enron and your brethren
< energy companies is how to turn around the terrible image of "predator"
energy companies in California and other states frightened by the perceived
effects of energy
< deregulation. Unfortunately, too many energy spokesmen have used
< what I believe is the wrong tactic: espousing the theoretical virtues of
< free markets instead of conveying concern for the consumer.
< All politicians in California are going to be somewhat wary of being
< perceived as "giving in" to the energy interests. However, I believe that
the Latino community in southern and northern California would be open minded
in the energy debate and would be impressed with support for Latino
candidates and causes. As you know, Latino elected officals now control the
California State Assembly.
Before I moved my family to Houston four years ago, I had lived in Los
Angeles for seventeen years and I still have a pretty good network. I would
be pleased to help in any way I can, including making introductions, and
discussing options.
< Let me know if you are interested in any of this. (cell:
713-927-4865, h: 713-463-8138, o: 713-968-4500).
Take good care,
< Roel