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Subject:Migrate to a more Scalable Database
Date:Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:04:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jeff,

Today's most challenging business and technical problems require and generate mountains of data. Managing this data explosion has become an incredibly complex task.

New implementations always require moving data from the legacy system into the new application. Products, components, customers, vendors and employee data - everything must be moved. And it doesn't always come from just one place. Sometimes data from multiple systems must be moved to one big 'integrated solution'.

The issues involved in data cleansing, formatting, converting and preparing for upload are so time consuming and so exacting that it makes sense to outsource select components of the project to an established firm with extensive experience in data migration!

How do you meet this challenge?

Live TechSolutions

Whether your need is for continuous sharing of information between single or multiple source and target entities, networks, applications or systems, or a one-time data conversion from your legacy system, our team has the experience and software utilities to convert and migrate data with incredible speed, precision and security.

Strategy < Analyze < Design < Test < Implement < Maintain

Live TechSolutions team minimizes the time, your valuable staff needs, to devote to solve application integration issues or to transfer critical data from existing software applications to new applications.
Our disciplined approach and demonstrated success in meeting deadlines with sensitive data is reflected in our refined methodologies and "best of breed" tools.

Our solutions seamlessly interface legacy systems to maintain "mission critical" functionality while integrating necessary information sharing.

Live TechSolutions is an industry leader in data migration and transformation services. We have helped hundreds of companies transition from a legacy software system to a variety of ERP, HR, and Payroll systems.

Jeff, Please let me know of a convenient time to contact you and schedule a more in depth conversation about our Data Migration Services.


Miles Armstead
LiveTech Solutions
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