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Date:Tue, 29 May 2001 06:28:53 -0700 (PDT)


Thanks for a great speech at the Barcelona Directors' Conference last Fall.
It was most inspiring and insightful.

I am returning to you with another request, which you, unfortunately, had
to turn down last year because of a Board meeting scheduling conflict but
that I hope you can make this time. We would very much like you to
participate in the Sanderst?len Conference in Norway, February 6-9, 2002,
as keynote speaker. While you are invited to stay for the entire conference
(your spouse is also invited), the preferred speaker dates are Wednesday,
February 6 or Thursday, February 7.

Among other confirmed speakers are Phil B. Watts (Shell), J.J. Mulva
(Phillips), Thierry Desmarest (TotalFinaElf), Burckhard Bergman (Ruhrgas),
Euan Baird (Schlumberger), Olav Akselsen (Norwegian Energy Minister). The
audience will consist mostly of top business executives in the
international energy industry. Participants are limited to 110 to preserve
the extraordinary atmosphere that characterizes the Conference.

Should you be willing to come, I would also suggest that you set aside some
time so I could arrange a couple of meetings with key energy executives in
the Nordic area. Olav Fjell, Statoil's CEO, would be eager to see you to
compare notes on opportunities in the European gas markets. As you know,
the company is being part-privatized as of June 18, and they will be
looking for cooperative arrangements. Also, several power-focussed
companies, such as V?ttenfall, Fortum and Statkraft would like to have
discussions with you. Most of the people mentioned above, will be at the

I hope you are able to take this opportunity of combining speaking,
one-on-one discussions with a few top leaders at the same time as enjoying
a bit of Norwegian nature (you can go skiing at Sanderst?len!).

Best regards


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