Enron Mail

Date:Mon, 17 Sep 2001 08:03:16 -0700 (PDT)


We last spoke a month or so ago...just after you returned home from your
trip with your son, yet prior to your annoncement to leave Enron. You were
kind enough to return my call based on our YPO connection.

Since we last spoke, I have started a new company, APB Merchant Services,
within a very successful energy brokering company called APB Energy.

I would like to talk with you, or someone within Enron...perhaps Jeff
Donahue, about assistance in asset disposal. We represent a large base of
cash buyers and have successfully made markets in this Telecom space.

Either way, I would enjoy an opportunitty to catch up with you...please
call 502.212.4908.


Jack Roth
APB Services
One Corporate Center
9931 Corporate Campus Drive
Suite 2400
Louisville, Kentuckey 40223
(502) 212-4908

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