Enron Mail

Date:Mon, 20 Aug 2001 08:20:12 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff/Mark or Sherri or whoever gets your emails:

Thanks for the Astros tickets. The estate planning lawyer that I am using is Don Fizer with Fizer, Beck, something, something. He is located in the Galleria at 1360 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1600, Houston, TX 77056 and his number is 713-332-4251. He has been great to work with because I was clueless and he was able to explain this stuff in a way that was pretty easy for me to understand. I also recommend making the first stop at the law firm instead of the trust company or financial advisor because I have found several of the trust companies and financial advisors really trying to push cookie cutter stuff and it is pretty easy to get something that doesn't fit your specific needs. I found Don very good at looking at my situation and directing me to a couple specific strategies and then to a couple trust companies that are better equipped to handle that.

The trust company I went with was Sentinel Trust, they are located at San Felipe and Kirby - 2001 Kirby Dr, suite 1210, Houston, 77019-6081. Bob Sweeney is my contact there 713-528-3728. I went with them for two reasons. 1 Because I was basically philosophically aligned with their approach ... conservative ...and I liked them better.
and 2 they are very rigorous in their evaluation of investments and they have a guy named Bruce (I don't have his last name) who is interesting to talk to about markets, investments etc and I think he is smarter than the average bear.

I will get you the name of the other trust company when I can find it.

Good Luck