Enron Mail

Subject:New Legal Team to Assist RAC
Date:Thu, 4 Oct 2001 22:02:55 -0700 (PDT)

In order to bring better legal coordination and standardization to Enron's Risk Assessment and Control (RAC) group, we have formed a new legal group, which will initially include Lisa Mellencamp (Finance), Marcus Nettelton (Power Trading), Carol St. Clair (Broadband/Power Trading), Mary Cook (Financial Swaps), Peter Keohane (Canada), Ed Essandoh (Retail), Paul Darmitzel (Retail) and Elizabeth Sager (Power Trading) (Team Leader). This group will focus on, among other things, managing Enron's exposures with bankrupt counterparties, working out credit solutions with distressed counterparties and standardizing our overall credit practices. The initial members in this group have been drawn from Enron's numerous legal groups in order to gain a broader perspective. Each of these members will provide support to this new group in addition to their current responsibilities.

Within RAC, Michael Tribolet will focus on distressed counterparties, in conjunction with Bill Bradford, who continues to manage the Credit Risk Management group.

Please join us in supporting the efforts of this new group.