Enron Mail

Subject:New Technology Information
Date:Fri, 15 Jun 2001 14:53:15 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Jeffrey Skilling,

My name is Mohamad Haidar and I represent DDI Technologies, Inc. We are a technology development firm; specializing in "digitizing control of the home" at a reasonable cost. DDI feels that Enron and DDI have an opportunity to both capitalize on the development path we are following.

I appreciate your time today and have Emailed to set up a time to discuss in more detail the technology development our firm has already accomplished and the directions we are set to pursue. DDI feels that the patent we have pending can provide the essential economic platform and protocols to make remote home controls, appliance connectivity, meter reading, medical inputs, food ordering and the provision of other services a reality.

Your firms position in the markets and growth directions would indicate your interest in developments such as DDI's. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the prototypes we have developed; based on the patent noted above.

I thank you again for your time. Please, let us know. My contact information is bellow.

Mohamad Haidar, CEO
DDI Technologies, Inc.
Office: (214) 222-2382
Mobile: (214) 802-8696
P. O. Box 166161
Irving, TX 75016-6161