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Subject:Noble Systems Executive Update + Opportunities For You
Date:Sat, 15 Sep 2001 07:08:58 -0700 (PDT)


ATOMS continues to establish itself to be the most effective and reliable predictive dialer in the world! Previous users of other predictive systems continue to report production improvements of typically 20% with ATOMS. Please check out several new customer success stories, updates, press releases and feature enhancements at www.noblesys.com

Noble Systems is now initiating a new program where our friends like you can receive $1,000.00 plus for each new customer that you refer to me. These referral commissions are applicable on only new leads going forward. You must sign up for this program in advance and register the lead. If you wish to do so, please advise and I'll forward this sign-up information to you.

Also, in part because of the combined calling of Noble Systems users along with the 16,000 agents working for Teleperformance (our $700 million plus parent), we can now also secure for you a 2.5 cent per minute call rate on T1 traffic. And you need not even be a Noble Systems user to take advantage of this package. Please advise and I'll get this information to you.

Current hot items on our product side include extending our skills-based routing from inbound to answering outbound predictive traffic.

In addition to now providing fully automated credit card authorizations, our integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can also do just about any application including automated surveys, automated appointment confirmations, etc.

And, most importantly, PerfectScript can now improve both agent productivity and agent retention more than any single innovation in the past several years. With PerfectScript, agents may pre-record portions of their presentations, rebuttals, mirandas etc. At their discretion, the appropriate pre-recorded voice segment plays in lieu of the agent responding; totally seamless and without clicks etc. so that the other party is not aware that the agent is not really speaking. At any time your agent may stop the recorded play by simply touching the keyboard space bar and continue in his/her own voice.

Another PerfectScript benefit is that the enthusiasm with which they record their rebuttals tends to be maintained throughout every conversation for optimal results.

And yet another very important benefit of PerfectScript is that agents may pre-record their initial call introduction: "Hello, this is Dan. May I speak with" at which point your agent then speaks the called party's name and continues on.

Jeffrey, have a great week and whenever I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call or email me back.

Dan Donaldson
Noble Systems Corp.
407-248-3400, 888-4-DIALER