Enron Mail

Subject:Off-Shore Development Made Easy
Date:Fri, 12 Oct 2001 06:30:55 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jeff,

We can offer Enron Corp a dedicated team of 10 Microsoft and Sun-Certified junior to senior level software developers for $25,000 per month. Our off-shore development methodologies are cost effective and are specifically designed to suit your needs.

Please visit http://www.izhuta.com/OutSourcingFAQs.asp and http://www.Izhuta.com/Home/Save75percent.asp for information on outsourcing benefits to Izhuta.

Additional benefits of outsourcing to Izhuta:

. Off-shore development right next door.

We provide you with a Voice Over IP connection(VOIP), where the development team in India is just a 4 digit extension away.

We provide you with a Video Conferencing facility through which you can communicate very effectively with your development team.

. Engagement Managers in US

We provide you with engagement managers in US who can help you co-ordinate with your development team in India. This will help you manage your offshore resources more effectively

Please let me know when you can set a side 15 minutes of your time to discuss possible synergies between our two companies.

Hema Malini
Phone: 1 800 485 7004 ext 202