Enron Mail

Subject:Outlook Communication
Date:Mon, 24 Sep 2001 13:25:05 -0700 (PDT)

Over the past few weeks, we have experienced significant issues with our em=
ail environment that have caused business interruptions and frustration for=
Outlook users. The purpose of this e-mail is to outline the issues that w=
e have encountered and what we are doing to resolve the issues.=20
?=09During the last week of August, we encountered a bug in Microsoft's Exc=
hange Server -- the mail server that is used by Outlook clients. This bug,=
which impacted approximately 3,000 users, delayed mail delivery for the be=
tter part of a day. At that time, we applied a fix from Microsoft which ap=
pears to have resolved the problem. We have carefully monitored the Exchan=
ge servers for four weeks, and have not seen a re-occurrence of the bug.
?=09Also during the last week of August, another Exchange Server experience=
d database corruption issues -- again, this impacted approximately 3,000 Ou=
tlook users. To resolve this, we moved the 3,000 users to different Exchan=
ge servers and made several hardware/software upgrades to the affected serv=
er. We have not yet returned the repaired server to full production use --=
we are closely monitoring it to ensure that there are no more problems wit=
h the server. While this event did not cause e-mail outages during the bus=
iness week, we had to do maintenance on the server during the evenings on W=
ednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and throughout the Labor day weekend to mov=
e users to different servers. During these evenings and weekend, the impac=
ted users could not access their e-mail.
?=09During the last three weeks, there have been a number of new and danger=
ous viruses on the internet. We have a multi-layered defense against virus=
es that include virus scanning software on servers and desktops. All mail =
is scanned on the Exchange servers and all files are scanned on the desktop=
s. During the last few weeks, we have had to apply numerous virus scanning=
updates to the Exchange servers - sometimes even several updates per day. =
The result is that when new virus scanning updates arrive, the performance=
of the Exchange servers diminishes for several hours while the anti-virus =
product rescans every message in every mailbox. This is unfortunate, but w=
e believe necessary to prevent viruses from causing outages in the Enron co=
mputing environment and threaten our revenue generating systems. At this t=
ime, we are working with the vendor to arrive at a technical solution that =
will speed up the virus scanning process. We have made some progress as th=
e performance has improved during virus scans, however, it can continue to =
get better.
There is no question that the email issues we have encountered over the las=
t few weeks are unacceptable. We are continuing to monitor and improve the=
overall performance to ensure that we substantially reduce the outages and=
meet Enron's business needs and expectations.

Enron Global Technology