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Subject:POWER MARKETS 2002
Date:Fri, 14 Sep 2001 17:48:06 -0700 (PDT)

The Power Marketing Association and PowerMarketers.com Present: =20

Power Markets 2002
October 16-17, 2001 Washington, D.C.=20
Special! Save up to $245!=20
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Rates. =20
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=09=09New Power Plants to be a key focus of Power Markets 2002 Richard Ch=
eney has said we need a new power plant every week in order to meet growin=
g demand. In fact, the industry is doing that and more! But powerplant=
construction is never simple, and always affected with public policy. =
This year's edition of Power Markets 2002 in Washington, D.C. will provide=
the information you need to benefit from opportunities created by the boo=
m in powerplant construction: * Lynn Church, President of the Electric P=
ower Supply Association, will introduce the topic with a discussion of tod=
ay's unique opportunities for merchant power. * Joe Colvin, President a=
nd CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute will discuss the continuing, and gr=
owing role of nuclear power. The nuclear fleet has never delivered more =
energy to the national grid, and the future hasn't looked this good for nu=
clear construction in decades. * John O'Brien, Skipping Stone, will dis=
cuss recent experiences in the construction of coal-fired plants. Coal =
is still by far the dominant fuel for power generation in the U.S., and sh=
ows no signs of giving up that status. * PG&E National Energy Group will=
provide a presentation on gas-fired generation. By far the dominant cat=
egory of powerplant currently under construction, gas-fired plants are fas=
t becoming the incremental resource. * Buck Buckner, Director of Marke=
ting, Stewart & Stevenson, will address distributed generation opportuniti=
es spawned by shortfalls in transmission and distribution investment. B=
ut the Conference is not just about powerplants. It will also cover: * re=
tail markets * telecom and energy convergence * transmission policy * cred=
it risk * commodity exchanges * career trends and more! And don't miss o=
ur pre-conference seminar: FUNDAMENTALS OF POWER MARKETING on October 15, =
2001. Warmest Regards, Glenn Lovin Executive Director P.S. There a=
re a few slots available for exhibitors. See brochure for details. Cli=
ck Here to Download Brochure =09