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Date:Wed, 3 Oct 2001 11:32:22 -0700 (PDT)

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document.write (mesn[fecha.getMonth()+1]+", "+fecha.getDate()+" "+fecha.get=
Year()); document.write (""); Octubre, 3 2001 Petroleumworld Weekly R=
eview Sep. 23-Sep. 30 Petroleumworld.com for the lastest daily news [IMAG=
E] THE WEEK TOP NEWS Venezuela's new gas company to develop 146 trillion=
cf offshore gas reserves [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Se=
pt. 27 - full story Venezuela's Chavez still planning trip to Algeria [IM=
AGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 30 - fu=
ll story Saudi Arabia's Naimi combats myths about OPEC global role [IM=
AGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 29 - full story Chavez: Ties With OP=
EC Still Solid; Praises US 'Prudence' [IMAGE] Venezuela's president Hugo Ch=
avez PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 28 - full story Venezuela PDVSA Pres:=
2002 budget has oil at $18.50/bbl [IMAGE]Pdvsa's President Guaicaipuro Lam=
eda By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 28 - full story OPEC mai=
ntains crude supply for now, sees cuts ahead [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas=
, Sept. 27 - full story Venezuela's Chavez: Will "defend oil prices", mu=
lls OPEC heads-of-state summit [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez By =
Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 26 - full story Venezuelan gas-s=
ector unions call strike for next week [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Crude stru=
ggles ahead of OPEC summit [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 26 - full =
story Venezuelan Oil Min:Sees OPEC easily reaching consensus [IMAGE] PET=
ROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 25 - full story OPEC in the hot seat, prices o=
n a dropp, demand falling [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept=
. 25 - full story Gas Symposium:Trinidad, Venezuela LNG sources for US g=
as [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 25 - full story Ven=
ezuela, Cuba drop oil-for-goods-and-services pact [IMAGE]Cuba's Fidel Castr=
o and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 24 - full story=
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru pledge more electricity linkage [IMAGE] PETROLE=
UMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 24- full story MEES: OPEC unlikely to agree outpu=
t rise Sept. 26 [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 24 - Full story AE=
S to start $1.4 bln Venezuela CANTV tender offer Tue [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD=
Caracas, Sept. 24 - Full story [IMAGE] This week top ISSUES... I=
nside, confidential and off the record PerezCo force to reduce growth full=
story Sept. 26 Verizon -Telefonica vs AES full story Sept. 24 First =
round knock out- Full Story Sept. 20 More... To read all ISSUES... a=
rticles please click here Prices Aug. 28 Update: Sept. 29/12:30 GMT/=
08:30 ET IPEBrent Spot 09/28 $26.48 WTI Cushing Spot 09/27 $ 22.=
73 IPE Brent Futures Front Month 09/28 $22.46 WTI Nymex FOB =
Cushing Front Month 09/28 $ 23.43 Venezuela oil Basket $ 18.01 w=
eek Sep.28 vs $ 22.24 prev.week Opec Crude oil basket $ 21.48 week S=
ep.28 vs.$ 25.31 prev.week See more information and graphs in : www.petr=
oleumworld.com [IMAGE] OPINION POINT OF VIEW: Uncertainty may ling=
er in oil mkts Sept 28- full story OPEC, Deep in uncertainty, leaves oi=
l output steady Sept 28- full story BIRD ON OPEC: Non-OPEC statement to h=
old no surprises - Sept 27-full story OPEC to keep output policy steady =
as oil prices teeter - Sept 26-full story Oil price fall resurrects Vene=
zuelan policy concerns - Sept 25-full story Falling oil prices threaten =
emerging market safe havens - Sept 25-full story Latin America may suffe=
r most from slowdown - Sept 24-Full story Previous Opinion articles =
FOCUS-ANALYSIS-RISKWATCH OPEC BRIEFS: Price below band for 7 more days wi=
ll see cut Sept 27- full story OPEC BRIEFS: OPEC ministers will begin the=
ir formal meeting at 1300 GMT - Sept 27- f ull story OPEC BRIEFS: Workin=
g With Non-OPEC On Joint Statement- updated -Sept 26- full story OPEC BR=
IEFS: Consensus on no output change -Sept 25- full story OPEC FOCUS: Quo=
ta decision unclear as cartel weighs political, economic factors - Sept 25-=
full story Argus weekly review: Output quandary for Opec - Sept 24- Ful=
l story Previous focus- analysis-interviews II OPEC summit stories T=
he Sunday's Petroleumworld Opinion Forum: viewpoints in oil & international=
politics. CH?VEZ'S NEW SITUATION [IMAGE] Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez=
By Democracy & Development Venezuela Today PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept.3=
0 - full story Previous Sunday opinion forum articles Sunday's Feature =
Venezuela Affirms its Solidarity With The United States [IMAGE]Venezuela's=
Ambassador to the US Ignacio Arcaya PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sept. 29 - ful=
l story Previous articles Saturday's INTERVIEW Ali al-Naimi on oil rise=
s / Merrill Lynch bullish on oil, bucking bear mood [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD =
Caracas, Sept. 29 - full story Previous Saturday's interviews EVENTS [=
IMAGE] VenEconomy Seminar : THE NEW HYDROCARBON LAW Full story -Sept. 28 =
API cancels Pasadena, Ca. annual meeting Full story Previous Events =
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ate! Tuesday Oct. 9 7:30 AM Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes Phone: 993 2379 [IM=
AGE] VenEconomy invites you to attend a seminar on : THE NEW HYDROCARBON =
LAW with Alberto Quir?z Corradi and . Humberto Calder?n Berti Four Seaso=
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