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"); document.write (mesn[fecha.getMonth()+1]+", "+fecha.getDate()+" "+fe=
cha.getYear()); document.write (""); Septiembre, 24 2001 Petroleumwor=
ld Weekly Review Sep. 16-Sep. 23 Petroleumworld.com for the lastest daily =
news [IMAGE] THE WEEK TOP NEWS Venezuela's Silva: New oil law suggestio=
ns received until Oct. 25 [IMAGE]Venezuela's Energy Minister By Elio Ohep P=
ETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 19 - Full story Lake Charles refinery fire out=
; production down [IMAGE]CITGO's Lake Charles Refinery PETROLEUMWORLD Cara=
cas, Sept. 23 - Full story Kuwait economists see oil under pressure [IMA=
GE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 22- Full story OPEC sees mkt oversupply=
at 600,000 b/d [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 21 - Full story Sau=
di oil minister tells Korea no big oil price change this year [IMAGE] PETRO=
LEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 21 - Full story OPEC Aug oil output 27.67 mln b/d=
vs 26.85 mln b/d July [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 21 - Full story=
Mexico's Marteens: Gov to present 6-year energy plan in October [IMAGE=
]Mexico's Energy Secretary Ernesto Marteens PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 21=
-Full story German finance minister Hans Eichel: Oil price rise only sh=
ort term [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 20 - Full story Price for =
OPEC oil continues to slide-prices [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 19 =
- Full story Venezuela's Alvarez: No decision taken yet on PDVSA gas [IM=
AGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 19 - Full story Venezuela's Ortega: dec=
ision to suspend the oil union elections "irresponsible." [IMAGE]Venezuela'=
s Fedepetrol former president and candidate Carlos Ortega By Elio Ohep PETR=
OLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 19 - Full story Saudi's Naimi: Will ensures sta=
ble supply amid worries [IMAGE]Saudi Arabia Oil Minister, Ali Naimi PETROLE=
UMWORLD Caracas, Sep 19 . - Full story Venezuelan oil worker's union to =
elect new authorities Wednesday [IMAGE]Fedepetrol's presidential candidate=
Carlos Ortega By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 18 - Full story =
Kuwaiti minister: OPEC will not change $22-28! price range [IMAGE] PETROLE=
UMWORLD Caracas, Sep 18 - - Full story Oil stabilizes as market weighs =
OPEC hopes against US war fears [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 18 - =
Full story Venezuela Hydrocarbons Law jeopardizing oil output goal [IMAGE=
]Venezuela's Inepetrol Rig PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 17 - Full story =
Stock fall as markets reopen, IPE brent drops at opening Monday [IMAGE] PE=
TROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 17 - Full story OPEC may reverse cut, no form=
al decision yet [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 17 - Full story For=
eign Oil Cos In Gulf Set Up Emergency Evacuation Plans [IMAGE]The Middle Ea=
st PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep. 16 - - Full story [IMAGE] This week=
top ISSUES... Inside, confidential and off the record First round knock o=
ut- Full Story Sept. 20 The fat prize - Full Story Sept. 19 Venezue=
la's road show off - Full Story Sept. 18 More... To read all ISSUES... =
articles please click here Prices Aug. 21 Update: Sept. 21/12:30 GM=
T/08:30 ET IPEBrent Spot 09/21 $26.48 WTI Cushing Spot 09/20 $ 2=
6.68 IPE Brent Futures Front Month 09/14 $25.44 WTI Nymex FO=
B Cushing Front Month 09/21 $ 25.97 Venezuela oil Basket $ 22.24=
week Sep.21 vs $ 23.00 prev.week Opec Crude oil basket $ 25.31 week=
Sep.21 vs.$ 26.00 prev.week See more information and graphs in : www.pe=
troleumworld.com [IMAGE] OPINION Royal Dutch/Shell sees slowing ou=
tput of oil, gas -Sep 20 -story DJ Energy Matters: Loose lips alone won'=
t sink oil price -Sep 19 -story US Policy makers regroup, emergency rate=
cut - Sep 18 - Full story Previous Opinion articles FOCUS-ANALYSIS=
-RISKWATCH Analysis: Which way now for global oil prices? - Sept 22-Full s=
tory BARRON'S: Commodities Corner -- Flagging Energy - Sept 22-Full stor=
y Worst attacks for U.S., but oil markets don't show it Sept 21 -Full st=
ory WRAP: US continues diplomatic effort on several fronts Sept 21 -Full=
story Analysis: Will OPEC raise output at Sep 26 conference? Sep 18 - =
Full story Previous focus- analysis-interviews II OPEC summit stories =
The Sunday's Petroleumworld Opinion Forum: viewpoints in oil & internatio=
nal politics. Venezuela: Clearer Days Are Coming [IMAGE] By Mazhar Al-She=
reidah Executive Director & Editor Petroanalysis Venezuela PETROLEUMWORLD C=
aracas, Sept. 23 - Full article Previous Sunday opinion forum articles =
Sunday's Feature The Great Bear [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 22 -=
Full story Previous articles Saturday's INTERVIEW Dr. Sama Banya, Sie=
rra Leona's president adviser speaks on oil exploration [IMAGE]Sierra Leone=
's Sama Banya, Senior presidential adviser, former foreign relations minis=
ter PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 22 - Full story Previous Saturday's inter=
views EVENTS [IMAGE] The Venezuelan-Canadian Chamber of Commerce confe=
rence on "THE NEW HYDROCARBON LAW" story API cancels Pasadena, Ca. annu=
al meeting Full story VEPROX sponsoring ECUADOR OIL & POWER Quito-Ecuad=
or Sept. 26 - 30, 2001, CEMEXPO bajo el t?tulo Energy Restructuring: A new=
gen! eration of thechnology. Story Previous Events SOCIAL ROLE OF BUS=
INESS CITGO: Donate $1 million worth of fuel for disaster relief Sept 21 -=
Full story Previous stories ENVIROMENT Petrozuata preseted results =
on clean air in its operational areas [IMAGE] Julio Rodr?guez, gerente de (=
ASHI) de Petrozuata PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Sep 21- Story To received t=
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message [IMAGE] From The Editor Welcome to our weekly newsletterp=
etroleumworld.com Weekly Review Just to remind you about the best in =
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GE] Venezuelan Hydrocarbons Law Draft Unofficialenglish version for co=
mmentaries to the draft: revision @leydehidrocarburos. gov.ve The secretar=
y of the committee evaluating the draft is Joaquin Parra Director at MEM Te=
lephone: 507 5222 Fax: 575 2964 E-mail: japarra@mem.com.ve [IMAGE] Venezu=
ela's Oil Chamber Hydrocarbons Law Draft Comments & Suggestions Spanish=
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. From our Friends [IMAGE] Offers reduced mileage award levels for tra=
vel Story [IMAGE] Delta Service Report for Saturday , September 15, 200=
1 [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Venezuela's promoter of oil products &=
services for export www.veprox.com [IMAGE]Sept News [IMAGE] Check =
out The New Services [IMAGE] US Energy Plan [IMAGE] [IMAGE] =
[IMAGE] PricewaterhouseCoopers Venezuela Briefing The abc of the=
Legal Regime of the Oil Industry in Venezuela Araque Reyna Sosa Viso &=
Pittier [IMAGE] Venezuela Onshore Geotechnical Marine Geotechni=
cal Marine Survey [IMAGE] Articles by Francisco Monaldi Mas Fra=
ncisco Monaldi Francisco Monaldi M. Punto deencuentro Punto dedesencuent=
ro LE PETIT BISTROT THE JACQUES French Bistrot Caracas Reservation=
s: 266 0321/ 263 8695 Happy Hour 5-8 PM /M-F And Le BISTROT Express a cu=
linary experience, for your home. Click for menu [IMAGE]Click [IMA=
GE] The Venezuelan - Canadian Chamber of Commerce invites you to atte=
nd a conference on : THE NEW HYDROCARBON LAW with Alan J.Viergutz Jos? =
Antonio Giacopinni Z?rraga Gabriella Rachadell Jorge Neher Place: Hote=
l Tamanaco Sal?n: Miranda 7:30 a.m. Wednesday September 26th [IMAGE] =
ECUADOR OIL & POWER Quito-Ecuador Sept. 26 - 30, 2001, CEMEXPO Energy R=
estructuring: A new generation of thechnology. Story [IMAGE] =09

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