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Date:Mon, 29 Oct 2001 07:35:06 -0800 (PST)

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; document.write (mesn[fecha.getMonth()+1]+", "+fecha.getDate()+" "+fecha.g=
etYear()); document.write (""); Octubre, 29 2001 Petroleumworld Weekl=
y Review Oct. 21-Oct. 28 Petroleumworld.com for the lastest daily news [I=
MAGE] OPEC's Rodriguez: Must act "quickly" to support prices [IMAGE] By =
Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 24 - story Saudi Min: Absolutely w=
illing to defend $25/bbl target [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 27 - =
story Venezuela's Hamaca project on early production [IMAGE] By Elio Oh=
ep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 27- story Venezuela's Chavez: Mexico to a=
lign itself with OPEC bid to halt oil price drop [IMAGE] Mexico's President=
Vicente Fox PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 27- story OPEC faces key meeti=
ngs in fight to keep oil prices up [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 26 =
- story Chavez to discuss proposed oil production cuts in Mexico [IMAGE] =
PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 26 - story Venezuela's Chavez proposes 1 Ml=
n b/d OPEC output cut [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 26 - story OPE=
C faces key meetings in fight to keep oil prices up [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD =
Caracas, Oct. 25 - story Brazil's oil output down 70% due to oil workers =
strike [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 25 - story Plusp=
etrol outlines LatAm gas ambitions [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 24 =
- story OPEC Gulf Source: No output decision before Nov 14 mtg [IMAGE] P=
ETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 24 - story Saudi Arabia pushing to cut outp=
ut without Non-OPEC Help [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 24 - story =
OPEC output cut before Nov 14 not ruled out: Gulf sources [IMAGE] PETROLEU=
MWORLD Caracas, Oct. 24 - story Chavez warns of oil price war if non-OPE=
C does not toe line [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez PETROLEUMWORLD=
Caracas, Oct. 23 .- ! story Brazil's Petrobras TBG to expand Bolivia pi=
peline [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 23 - story Venezuela's PDVSA=
to open gas stations in Argentina & Brazil [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas,=
Oct. 23 - story Venezuela's Chavez: OPEC should cut production "as soon=
as possible" [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez PETROLEUMWORLD Carac=
as, Oct. 22 - Oct. 22-story Russia rules out oil cuts despite Venezuela's=
Chavez pressure Photo: The Moscow Times [IMAGE]Red Square in early March P=
ETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 22 -story [IMAGE] This week top ISSU=
ES... Inside, confidential and off the record Diplomatic gossip - full sto=
ry Oct. 26 A new PDVSA 's CEO - full story Oct. 27 Putin say no! - fu=
ll story Oct.25 GDVSA impossible to justify - full story Oct. 24 More=
... To read all ISSUES... articles please click here Prices Oct. 2=
6 Update: Oct .28/12:30 GMT/08:30 ET IPEBrent Spot 10/26 versus 10/19 $21=
.40 +.54 WTI Cushing Spot 10/25 versus 10/18 $ 21.83 +.50 IPE =
Brent Futures Front Month 10/26 versus 10/19 $21.02 -.73 WTI Nymex F=
OB Cushing Front Month 10/26 versus 10/19 $22.03 +.20 Venezuela oil Ba=
sket $ 16.62 week Oct. 26 vs $ 16.07 prev.week Opec Crude oil basket=
$ 19.09 week Oct.26 vs.$ 18.99 prev.week See more information and g=
raphs in : www.petroleumworld.com [IMAGE] OPINION Oil producers fal=
l out as oil prices slump -Oct. 27-story Lower oil prices are Russia's f=
riends Oct. 24-story America's Pipe Dream War and Oil Oct. 24-story T=
error crisis cuts short price joy of Mideast oil heavyweights Oct. 24-story=
Previous Opinion articles FOCUS-ANALYSIS-RISKWATCH The Great Gas =
Game Who will run Caspian natural gas through Afghanistan? - Oct. 26-story =
Shares of Enron Plummet 21% Oct. 24-story Previous focus- analysis-in=
terviews II OPEC summit stories The Sunday's Petroleumworld Opinion Fo=
rum: viewpoints in oil & international politics. Venezuela's CH?VEZ JOURNE=
YS THE WORLD Illustration: TalCual [IMAGE] Venezuela's President Hugo Chav=
ez arriving after a world's periplo By Democracy & Development Venezuela T=
oday PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 28 - Full story Previous Sunday opinio=
n forum articles Sunday's Feature The New War Against Terror [IMAGE] By =
Noam Chomsky PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 28 - story Previous articles =
Saturday's INTERVIEW Guisti sees "Flat" oil prices into early '02 [IMAGE]=
PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 27 - story Previous Saturday's interviews =
EVENTS Saudi's Naimi: Conference to discuss Saudi oil, gas in November -=
Oct. 26-story [IMAGE] Sponsoring commercial meetings in Santo Domingo F=
ull story Previous Events THEMES THE BOSS Black Gold's Calling Card =
-Oct. 24 - story Previous Themes SOCIAL ROLE OF BUSINESS Building So=
cial Capital SEMINAR PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 28 - story PETROZUA=
TA active in health responsability [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 28=
- story Drilling Contractors: IADC Houston Chapter gives $16,000 to NY =
firefighter family fund - story Previous stories ENVIROMENT Venezuel=
an authorities struggled with Cano Limon oil spill - Oct. 25-story Previ=
ous stories TECNOLOGY Parker, Pluspetrol Sign Camisea Contract - Oct. 25=
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