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Subject:Petroleumworld weekly review
Date:Wed, 24 Oct 2001 03:39:13 -0700 (PDT)

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e Noticias- Petroleo.com News Spanish IESA Macroeconomic Data Base [I=
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ite (""); Octubre, 24 2001 Petroleumworld Weekly Review Oct. 14-Oct. =
21 Petroleumworld.com for the lastest daily news [IMAGE] OPEC ministers: =
Options open on output cut Photo: Energy24X [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caraca=
s, Oct. 19 - A key group of OPEC ministers gathered in Vienna Friday to di=
scuss responses to a slump in crude prices to two-year lows following last =
month's terror attacks, possibly by cutting Photo: Energy 24X productionAFP=
. Full story Chavez: Oil Prices Won't Fall [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD - Full =
story Kuwait Wants OPEC Oil Price Between $23-$25/Bbl - Oil Min [IMAGE] PE=
TROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 20 Full story Venezuela's Chavez: "possible" to=
lower OPEC price band [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez PETROLEUMW=
ORLD Caracas, Oct. 19 - Full story Venezuelan leader Chavez due in Moscow =
on Sunday [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 19 - Full story Nigeria's =
Lukman: Cut in production "...it's always a possibility" [IMAGE] PETROLEUMW=
ORLD Caracas, Oct. 19 - Full story OPEC Key ministers in Vienna to discuss=
slump [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 19 - Full story Venezuela anno=
uncing bidding round for coal sector Photo: PDVSA [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Ca=
racas, Oct. 18 - Full story Venezuela's AES-CANTV/Oct. 24 -2: Hldrs want =
more info from Co [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 18 - Full story Oil=
hit a two - year low [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 17 =
- Full story Saudi/Iranian Mins: To intensify talks with non-OPEC [IMAGE][=
IMAGE]Iran's Zangeneh Saudi's Ali Naimi PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 17 - F=
ull story Venezuela govt to get 60% share in $2.2 bln LNG project [IMAGE]=
PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 16 - Full story US's Abraham: US seeking "st=
ability in energy markets." [IMAGE]US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham PETR=
OLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 16 - Full story Venezuela's : Chavez's visits to =
Lybia, Iran justified [IMAGE] Venezuela's Energy Vice Minister Bernardo Al=
varez By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 16 - full story Venezuela =
Fedepetrol's Union president elections in doubt [IMAGE] Candidate Rafael Ro=
sales - left By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 16 - full story Fea=
rs, again, of oil supplies at risk [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 15 =
- full story Venezuela's Chavez met with Gaddafi to discuss oil prices [IM=
AGE]Venezuela's Chavez with Lybia's Gaddafi By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Car=
acas, Oct. 15 - full story Venezuela Pres expands tour to urge non-OPEC oi=
l cuts [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 15 - full story Govt opponent =
re-elected as pres of Venezuelan oil union [IMAGE]Fedepetrol's Carlos Orte=
ga PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 15 - full story OPEC President denies OPEC=
planning to Meet soon [IMAGE]OPEC's President Chakib Khelil PETROLEUMWORL=
D Caracas, Oct. 14 - full story [IMAGE] This week top ISSUES... Insid=
e, confidential and off the record Venecuba's crude - full storyOct.18 3=
.000.000, 2.800.000, 2.600.000 BPD ? - full story Oct.17 Inside GDVSA - f=
ull story Oct.16 More... To read all ISSUES... articles please click =
here Prices Oct. 19 Update: Oct .21/12:30 GMT/08:30 ET IPE Brent Spo=
t 10/19 versus 10/12 $20.86 -1.73 WTI Cushing Spot 10/18 versus 10/11=
$ 21.33 -2.00 IPE Brent Futures Front Month 10/19 versus 10/12 $2=
1.75 -.71 WTI Nymex FOB Cushing Front Month 10/19 versus 10/12 $21.83 -=
.67 Venezuela oil Basket $ 16.07 week Oct. 19 vs $ 16.971 prev.wee=
k Opec Crude oil basket $ 198.99 week Oct.19 vs.$ 19.69 prev.week =
See more information and graphs in : www.petroleumworld.com [IMAGE] O=
PINION FEATURE: A tall order - Oct. 19-story World Bank: Latin America c=
an better tap commodities - Oct. 17 - story Probe unraveling Saudis' role=
-Oct. 17 - story Opec gripped by indecision on output - Oct. 16 - story =
Previous Opinionarticles FOCUS-ANALYSIS-RISKWATCH Norway's labor gove=
rnment to resign -Oct. 17 - story Saudi Arabia looks to develop its natur=
al-gas reserves -Oct. 17 - story Oil money pulls Sudan out of its isolati=
on and toward uncertainty -Oct. 17 - story Previous focus- analysis-intervi=
ews II OPEC summit stories The Sunday's Petroleumworld Opinion Forum: v=
iewpoints in oil & international politics. Saudi Royals and Reality [IMAGE=
]Mecca By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN The New York Times PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, O=
ct. 21 - Full story Previous Sunday opinion forum articles Sunday's F=
eature The Desert Kingdom Royal Mess Saudi Arabia's royal family and its =
discontents: a piece from 1994. [IMAGE] By Leslie and Andrew Cockburn The N=
ew York Times PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 21 - Full story Previous articl=
es Saturday's INTERVIEW Kuwaiti lawyer Salah al-Hashem mollified by Kuwait=
/AOC oil deal terms [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 19 - Full story=
Previous Saturday's interviews EVENTS [IMAGE] Sponsoring commercial m=
eetings in Santo Domingo Full story Previous Events THEMES WEST AFRICA F=
EATURE: Beyond the limelight -Oct. 19 - story DJ Special summary of the w=
ar on terrorism - updated 10 19 2001 -Oct. 19-story Russia's: The crude b=
usiness of extracting oil - Oct. 18 -story Previous Themes To received =
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ngs and stanless steel pipes. RIP offers a wide range of products to AN=
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