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Date:Mon, 5 Nov 2001 09:13:02 -0800 (PST)

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"); Noviembre, 5 2001 Petroleumworld Weekly Review Oct. 28 - Nov. 04 =
Petroleumworld.com for the lastest daily news [IMAGE] Venezuela's Fedepe=
trol: Union calls for a 8 hr. strike next week Globovision Photo [IMAGE] F=
elix Jimenez Fedepetrol's president elect By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Car=
acas, Nov. 1 Felix Jimenez virtual new president of Venezuela's Fedepetrol=
the largest oil union called for an eight-hour work strike next Tuesday to=
protest the new proposed Hydrocarbons law and the reorganization of PDVSA =
Gas business, reported the local Globovision tv station. story Venezuela =
Pres: Statement on US attacks misinterpreted [IMAGE]Miraflores, Venezuela's=
president offices PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 3 - story U.S., irritated=
by criticism, calls envoy home from Venezuela [IMAGE]U.S. President George=
W. Bush PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 3 - story OPEC's Khelil: No output =
cut before Jan. 1 [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 2 - story OPEC outp=
ut cut timing to be decided Nov 14 -Secy Genl [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLE=
UMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 1 - story Nigeria's Lukman: Nigeria will abide by =
any OPEC cut [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD - Caracas, Nov. 1 - story Mexico's Mar=
tens: Mexico shrugging OPEC [IMAGE] Mexico's Energy Minister Ernesto Marten=
s By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 1 - story OPEC's Rodriguez: =
OPEC may go it alone [IMAGE]Opec's President Ali Rodriguez PETROLEUMWORLD =
Caracas, Oct. 31 - story OPEC Pres: May have to reduce quota busting to m=
eet goal [IMAGE]OPEC's President Chakib Khelil PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct.=
31 - story US rejects Venezuela's Chavez's comments on Afghanistan [IMAG=
E] US Ambassador to Venezuela Donna Hrinak By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Cara=
cas, Oct. 31 - story Norway excludes OPEC cooperation, says no production =
cuts [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 31 - story Adding 120 million =
barrels of crude to the U.S. SPR could start soon [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD =
Caracas, Oct. 30 - story Mexico's Pemex to raise oil exports levels [IMAG=
E] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 30 - story Venezuela's Chave=
z: OPEC Willing to Cut Output [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 29 - sto=
ry OPEC seeks non-OPEC support for production cut-follow up [IMAGE] PETRO=
LEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 29 - story Fox: Mexico will maintain current oil =
output levels [IMAGE]Mexico's President Vicente Fox PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas,=
Oct. 29 - story Saudi Min: Absolutely willing to defend $25/bbl target [=
IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 27 - story Venezuela's Hamaca projec=
t on early production [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 27=
- story OPEC faces key meetings in fight to keep oil prices up [IMAGE] P=
ETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 26 - story [IMAGE] This week top ISSUES=
... Inside, confidential and off the record Statoil's Staffan Riben last d=
eal full story Nov. 2 Fedepetrol's renovated muscle full story Nov. 1=
Vepica market share - full story Oct. 30 More... To read all ISSUES..=
. articles please click here Prices Nov. 02 Update: Oct .04/12:30 G=
MT/08:30 ET IPEBrent Spot 11/02 versus 10/26 $20.20 - 1.20 WTI Cushi=
ng Spot 11/01 versus 10/25 $ 20.18 -1.65 IPE Brent Futures Front Month=
11/02 versus 10/26 $19.77 -1.45 WTI Nymex FOB Cushing Front Month 11=
/02 versus 10/26 $20.18 -1.85 Venezuela oil Basket $ 16.45 week Nov=
.2 vs $ 16.62 prev.week Opec Crude oil basket $ 18.93 week Nov. 2 vs.$=
19.10 prev.week See more information and graphs in : www.petroleumworld=
.com [IMAGE] OPINION MEES: Saudi Arabia rejects accusations of non=
-compliance with campaign to freeze terrorist funds - Oct.31 - story Wes=
t at war over terrorism - not oil AP Photo [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas,=
Oct. 30 - story A Dangerous Appetite for Oil Oct. 30-story Oil produc=
ers fall out as oil prices slump Oct. 30 - story Previous Opinion article=
s FOCUS-ANALYSIS-RISKWATCH DJ Special summary of the war on terrorism =
- Nov. 1- story Boiling oil geopolitics - Oct.31 - story DJ Special s=
ummary of the war on terrorism U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld wi=
ll travel to Moscow.. - Oct.31-story ! Drilling for Tolerance -Oct.30-st=
ory Previous focus- analysis-interviews II OPEC summit stories The Su=
nday's Petroleumworld Opinion Forum: viewpoints in oil & international poli=
tics. WHY THIS WAR IS ALSO ABOUT OIL Pumped Up TalCual Illustration [IMAG=
E] By Gregg Easterbrook PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 4 - story Previous S=
unday opinion forum articles Sunday's Feature Don't Worry About Oil TalC=
ual Illustration [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 4 - story Previous a=
rticles Saturday's INTERVIEW OPEC President Chakib Khelil [IMAGE] PETROL=
EUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 3 - story Previous Saturday's interviews EVENTS =
IADC Underbalanced Technology Conference to focus on maximizing production=
- Oct. 31-story Previous Events SOCIAL ROLE OF BUSINESS Building Soc=
ial Capital SEMINAR PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 28 - story Drilling Co=
ntractors: IADC Houston Chapter gives $16,000 to NY firefighter family fund=
- story Previous stories ENVIROMENT US reiterates opposition to =
Kyoto Protocol - Nov. 2- story Environmental record improving says Exxon=
Mobil - Oct.30-story Previous stories SAFETY Petrozuata new safety re=
cord 3 years of secure pumping [IMAGE] Petrozuata pipeline pumping team - =
Nov. 4 - story TECNOLOGY IADC Underbalanced Technology Conference to foc=
us on maximizing production - Oct. 31-story Previous stories To receive=
d PetroleumworldDaily brief click to suscribe For daily Energy, Oil & G=
as information www.petroleumworld.com If you do not want to received this=
newsletter, or if you want to make some comments or suggestions, please s=
end us a reply message [IMAGE] From The Editor Welcome to our week=
ly newsletterpetroleumworld.com Weekly Review Just to remind you about=
the best in Venezuela's Petroleumworld.com Our Portal Site changes i=
ts information at least twice a day usually around 12:00-15:00 hrs. and =
22:00-24:00 GMT [IMAGE] Editor's Mail's Time for Venezuela to corner the=
oil market -story Letters to the Editor If you have anything in your m=
ind and want to communicate it, let us know about it. All letters are welc=
ome, write to: editor @petroleumworld.com [IMAGE] Click for a spanish c=
opy of the [IMAGE] Venezuelan Hydrocarbons Law Draft Unofficialenglish=
version Venezuela's Oil Chamber Hydrocarbons Law Draft Comments & Sug=
gestions Spanish [IMAGE]Letter to Ali Rodriguez from Alberto Quiroz - =
II (spanish) -Oct. 29-story [IMAGE]Once again - Ali Rodriguez reply to =
Alberto! Quiroz on the Venezuela's hydrocarbons law draft (spanish) -Oct.=
29-story [IMAGE]Janet Kelly on Venezuela's hydrocarbons law draft- (sp=
anish) -Oct. 29-story See all Petroleumworldoil law stories [IMAGE] =
[IMAGE] Alianza Empresarial Petrolera To promote & develop the Ve=
nezuelan industry in the petroleum sector [IMAGE] Venezuela's Execu=
tive Association More information Letters If you have anything in y=
our mind about the oil business let us know about it letters are welco=
me editor@petroleumworld.com Tips... From our Friends [IMAGE] Offers=
reduced mileage award levels for travel Story [IMAGE] RIP de Venezue=
la C.A. Rip de Venezuela is one of the oldest and reputable Venezuelan=
Trading company in forged steel, stanless steel valves and fittings, tu=
be fittings and stanless steel pipes. RIP offers a wide range of product=
s to ANSI standards, designed for the Chemical and Petrochemical, oil, =
gases and steam industries. ripvenezuela.com.ve [IMAGE] [IMAGE]Se=
pt News [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Check out The New Services [IMAGE]=
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] The abc of the Legal Regime of the Oil Industr=
y in Venezuela Araque Reyna Sosa Viso & Pittier [IMAGE] Venezuela =
Onshore Geotechnical Marine Geotechnical Marine Survey [IMAGE] =
Articles by Francisco Monaldi Mas Francisco Monaldi Francisco Monal=
di M. Punto deencuentro Punto dedesencuentro [IMAGE]10/30/01 Ecologia de=
l Petroestado LE PETIT BISTROT THE JACQUES French Bistrot Caracas =
Reservations: 266 0321/ 263 8695 Happy Hour 5-8 PM /M-F And Le BISTROT E=
xpress a culinary experience, for your home. Click for menu [IMAGE]Cli=
RTURA DEL GAS" Caracas Hilton Nov, 14 Lic. Eliana Guti?rrez, Gerente AV=
PG, Tel?fonos: 985.20.08, Fax: 985.47.50 E-mail: avpg@infoline.wtfe.com [=
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