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Subject:Power Mart '01 - Bring a Friend and Pay Half-Price!
Date:Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:54:11 -0700 (PDT)

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Register now and bring a friend for half-price! Details below P=
OWER MART '01 October 15-18, 2001 Houston, TX George R. Brown Convention C=
enter Top Ten Reasons to Attend #10 Don't pay =
for anything you don't want. Customize your own schedule of in-depth worksh=
ops. #9 Don't let the name fool you! This year,=
Power Mart offers gas, power, and emerging markets workshops. =
#8 Play hooky on Monday, October 15. Hit the links at Tour =
18 with the Power Cup Golf Tournament . #7 Lear=
n Wall Street insider secretsfrom Arthur Levitt , former SEC chairman Tuesd=
ay, October 16. #6 Win a Harley-Davidson? Fat B=
oy. That's right, we said win a Harley-Davidson? Fat Boy! Click here for d=
etails. #5 Gambling, cocktails, and friends!It'=
s the closest to Vegas you're gonna get - Vegas Night Tuesday, October 16.=
#4 Hang out with your buddiesat the Trader's H=
appy Hour Wednesday, October 17. #3 Meet other=
people's buddiesin "Party Alley" after the show each day. =
#2 Get a FREE exhibit hall pass when you register online before=
October 12 at www.powermart.com . #1 Sign up f=
or a Conference Pass before October 8 and your friends can attend for half-=
price! Call 800-424-2908 to be a really good friend, or convince a friend t=
o sign up and you'll be the one paying half-price! =
Register Today Three easy ways to register: 1. Call 800-424-290=
8 (toll-free within the U.S.) or 720-548-5700 (direct) 2. E-mail conferenc=
es@ftenergy.com 3. Fax 720-548-5701 Half-Price Conference Pass Detail=
s: Sign up for a Conference Pass before October 8, 2001 and your friend or=
co-worker can attend for half-price. You must pre-register by phone before=
October 8, to pre-register, call 800-424-2908. This offer is not availabl=
e for on-site registrations. Visit http://www.powermart.com for more in=
formation Priority Code 723 [IMAGE] =09
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