Enron Mail

Subject:RE: Enron Guest Speaker
Date:Thu, 5 Jul 2001 16:51:27 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jeff--
Hope you're well! Forgive me for taking advantage of my family ties on
this. I'm getting a kick out of the calls I receive with increasing
frequency from people who know my brother is Jeff Skilling and wish to know
whether we're related or, as in the case of the included e-mail, to
investigate a speaker for their group. I don't know whether this is possible
or whether your group does this (I suspect they very well might given
Enron's stellar reputation in this area), Jeff, but I met this fellow at the
AMS annual meeting (actually it was in Los Angeles) a couple of years ago
and he's writing to inquire about a speaker from Enron willing to talk to
the Washington, D.C. American Meteorological Society Chapter about weather
derivatives and the energy industry's interest in the weather. He an Air
Force major and is clearly well informed and approaching the right folks in
your team to address this issue. Any chance this can be done? My guess is
they'd cover all expenses.
Have to tell you, Jeff, that my VP/General Manager John Vitanovec came
in the other evening and told me he'd just purchased more Enron stock and
the good things he'd heard about it. I told him I just had bought some
Enron too. I can remember him telling me of his first purchase a year or
more ago. Everybody here knows my brother and I get such a kick out of that.
You're regularly mentioned on our top rated morning show--they had your
picture on just the other morning.
Sorry to take your time on this, Jeff. Please don't worry about this if
there's any problem with it. I hope you're well. Please give my best to
Rebecca and to Sherri! Take care (and no more pies)!


Here's the e-mail inquiring about an Enron speaker from Major Kenneth
Carey, U.S. Air Force, The Pentagon. Thanks!



Hello from our Nation's Capital! You and I met at the AMS Annual Meeting in
San Diego in 1999 (see attached picture of you and I!). You're very well
known and I applaud all of the good things you're doing for both your
Chicago and national viewers, weather-wise, but, more importantly, your
tremendous and positive community involvement!

<<Tom Skilling.bmp<<
As a chapter officer with the District of Columbia Chapter of the American
Meteorological Society (DC AMS), I want to get the very best speakers with
inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking topics for our chapter
membership. I can't think of anything much more exciting in our profession
than that of weather derivatives, and the products and services for our
energy and agricultural sector that is a booming part of our field.

I'd like to get someone from Enron to speak at one of our chapter meetings.
I understand you may have an inside track to Enron and I wanted to inquire
if you could help us get an appropriate person to talk to our chapter about
weather for their business ventures. I'd like to also get someone from the
weather provider perspectives, like a company like EarthSat Corp, so we
could get a better understanding of both the weather provider and customer

I look forward to hearing from you and best of luck with your future
professional and personal endeavors!

Best Regards,

Kenneth Carey, Major, US Air Force
Vice Chairman, District of Columbia AMS Chapter
(703) 588-8628
Fax: (703) 588-0220