Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Returned mail: User unknown
Date:Thu, 6 Sep 2001 12:54:10 -0700 (PDT)

< From: Noel Capon <nc7@columbia.edu<
< Date: Thursday, September 6, 2001 15:46
< To: Jeff skilling <Jeff.skilling@enron.com<
< Subject: hi
< Jeff:
< For the past few weeks I have been contemplating writing to you but somehow
< didn't quite get to it, when I received a call from your office regarding my
< address so that has spurred me to action.
< As you can imagine, I was most surprised to read that you had resigned the
< CEO position at Enron just as the firm had achieved, and was achieving, so
< much. There seems little question that you put an enormous stamp on the
< organization and it's a real shame that you will not be leading Enron in the
< ensuing years.
< I know little of the reasons for your resignation other than the formally
< announced personal reasons, so I can only hope that you will be able to
< tackle these in your new role in private life. There is little question that
< you will have more time to yourself than you have had in the previous few
< years.
< In any event, if your travels take you to New York, it would be great if we
< could meet up. I really enjoyed the couple of meals we had together a few
< years ago.
< For my part, life continues pretty much as usual. I am now Chair of the
< Marketing division and continue to be active in teaching and writing. I should
like to send you a couple of books that were published in the past few
months -- there is data about these on my web site (see below) -- so please
have your secretary advise me of the appropriate address.
< Very best wishes
< Noel
< Noel Capon
< Professor of Business
< Chair of Marketing Division
< Graduate School of Business
< Columbia University
< 509 Uris Hall
< New York, NY 10027
< TN: 212 854 3466
< Fax (private): 212 749 3549
< Web site: <keyaccountmanagement.com<