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Subject:Re: Your invitation to cover Rome Peace Conference
Date:Mon, 17 Sep 2001 10:18:15 -0700 (PDT)

You would not be a successful journalist if you had always played it safe and
gone along with conventional thinking. Being able to think "outside the box"
is the mark of an open-minded person, who can see the truth in an unexpected
way. Being open to the unexpected is essential to good investigative journalism.

What is the single greatest political story in the world today? Clearly it
is the worldwide escalation of violence and bloodshed, especially in the Middle
East. According to the latest annual report of the Red Cross, there are more
armed conflicts raging around the world now than at any time since World War

Is there a different "angle" to the story of a world full of bloody conflict?
Yes, there is. It has nothing to do with covering yet another conference of
world leaders or yet another round of failed Arab-Israeli negotiations. This
"angle" would require a journalist to think "outside the box" in a very big way,
for the perspective we are talking about is not the world's perspective, but
Heaven's perspective.

Suspend your natural skepticism for a moment and consider this: On October 13,
1917, some 70,000 people gathered in a muddy field in Fatima, Portugal, to witness
what three little children said would be a miracle at noon that day. Precisely
at the moment predicted, the huge crowd saw the sun spin in the sky, throw off
unimaginable colors and then plunge toward the earth, only to return to its normal
position in the sky. The muddy field became bone dry in an instant, as did the
rain-soaked crowd. Secular newspapers, including the New York Times, reported
the event. Warner Brothers later made a movie based upon it. Everyone in that
crowd-believers and non-believers alike-experienced the Miracle of the Sun that
day. There is no precedent in world history for a public miracle whose occurrence
was precisely predicted three months in advance.

What was the point of the Miracle of the Sun? It was a sign given to authenticate
what the three children had been told by the Blessed Virgin Mary in a series
of earlier apparitions in that very same field. The children asked the Virgin
to provide a Miracle so the people would believe what She had told them.

And what the Virgin told them was this: God will grant peace to the world when
Russia is solemnly and publicly Consecrated to the Virgin Mary by the Pope, together
with all the Catholic bishops of the world. But the Virgin also warned that
if the Consecration is not done, Russia would spread its errors throughout the
world, there would be wars and persecutions, and that, ultimately, "various nations
will be annihilated."

Weeks before the Russian revolution of 1917, the Virgin of Fatima accurately
predicted the end of World War I, the emergence of world communism, the election
of Pope Pius XI, the beginning of World War II and worldwide persecution of the
Catholic Church by communist regimes, which continues today. So far, the accuracy
of the Fatima predictions is 100%.

No wonder Pope John Paul II has personally attested to the authenticity of the
Message of Fatima. Indeed, the Pope escaped death at the hands of an assassin
on the very anniversary of the first Fatima apparition. Even Newsweek magazine,
in a cover story on the Virgin Mary, recognized the relation of the Fatima events
to the collapse of communism in Russia. Yet, for various reasons, the Consecration
of Russia called for by the Virgin at Fatima remains undone, and the collapse
of communism has not brought peace to the world. Given the utter accuracy of
the Virgin's predictions, can the world simply ignore Her warning about the annihilation
of nations?

Conventional thinkers may scoff at such things as miracles and apparitions of
the Virgin Mary. But today, the cause of world peace requires the setting aside
of such prejudices. It requires the courage to admit that man must look to a
power greater than himself and to a source beyond the limitations of earthly

This is your invitation to attend and cover an important conference on the Message
of Fatima and its utmost relevance to the quest for world peace, now more urgent
than ever before. From October 7th to 13th, 2001, at the Catholic University
of the Sacred Heart in Rome, dignitaries and speakers from around the world will
consider how Heaven's plan for peace can be accomplished now, while there is
yet time.

We are now mailing out conference information packages and written invitations.
Contact Coralie Graham, Editor of The Fatima Crusader, at or call +1-905-871-7607
or fax +1-905- 871-2165:
* to confirm your attendance
* if you do not receive your written invitation by September 18th
* to receive further information.
You can also find more information on our Web site: We look forward to seeing
you in October in Rome!