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Subject:RE: [smu-betas] Dent pisses on Bud Wilkinson's grave
Date:Sat, 25 Aug 2001 21:29:15 -0700 (PDT)

I can imagine Wooglin smiling down on a urologist's convention hosted by my
little brother, Dr Miller, in Oklahoma honoring my brother Del and his
literary accomplishments. It makes a bald headed, portly big brother in
California proud.
Continue to uphold the honor of Ellen Parker, Delia Kincaid and all the
other grand ladies of bygone days.

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Subject: [smu-betas] Dent pisses on Bud Wilkinson's grave

Dear Brothers,
It was good to see everyone make the trek to central Oklahoma to launch
Dent's book. The Daily Oklahoman published a brief story that suggested
had made up a bunch of lies about Saint Bud Wilkinson steppin out on the old
lady. Around here, that's like saying the Pope likes it up the ass.
Needless to say, the Sooner faithful were slightly chapped and the
canceled their offer to host the signing party at our new museum. Fuck 'em.
Who wants to drink beer in a dusty old museum anyway?
Del, sorry I couldn't make the party but I did get to see Cdie,
, Strange, Woody, Benson, PP, and Space for dinner. My favorite part was
full-volume discussion of who had the biggest penis (next to Benson, of
course). Typical urology shit. The family next to us failed to recognize a
medical discussion amongst professionals. Speaking of Benson, he was
that his erections might crater all of a sudden just like his near vision
recently done. I assured him that this was extremely unlikely but, in his
case, he'd better hope that his cardiac output remains high or else he's
liable to pass out every time he gets a hard on.


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